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Component NameBrandModelGroupYears 
MaillardMaillard N/A
Maillard Compact SuperMaillard 1980's - ?
Maillard 700 CompactMaillard N/A
Maillard 700 Course (5 speed)Maillard 1984 - ?
Maillard 700 Course (6 speed)Maillard 1982 - ?
Maillard HelicomaticMaillard N/A
Maillard Helicomatic (single cog)Maillard N/A
Maillard Normandy (cog lettered Maillard)Maillard Early 1980's - ?
Maillard Normandy (cog lettered Normandy)Maillard N/A
Maillard Normandy (freewheel body lettered Normandy on backside)Maillard N/A
Maillard SprintMaillard N/A
Sachs-Maillard ArisMaillard 1989 - ?
Sachs-Maillard NormandyMaillard N/A
Maillard 700 (6 speed)Maillard700  1980's
Maillard 700 Compact Super (7 speed)Maillard700  1980's
Maillard 700 Course SuperMaillard700 N/A
Maillard 700 Course Super (5 speed)Maillard700 N/A
Maillard 700 Course Super PlusMaillard700 N/A
Maillard 700 Professional (5 speed)Maillard700 1980's
Maillard 700 Service Course Professionnel (5 speed)Maillard700 1980's
Sachs MaillardMaillardSachsMaillard Late 1980's - ?
Sachs MaillardMaillardSachsMaillard Late 1980's - ?
Maillard front hub with fork clipsMaillard 1980's
Maillard M30 (fixed/free)Maillard N/A
Maillard Normandy (high flange, round holes)Maillard 1950's
Maillard Normandy Luxe Competition (red label, high flange)Maillard N/A
Maillard rear drum brakeMaillard N/A
Maillard AtomMaillard1210LN N/A
Maillard HelicomaticMaillardHelicomatic 1980's
Normandy Luxe Competition (gold label)MaillardLuxe Competition Late 1960's - Early 1970's
Normandy Luxe Competition (red label, low flange)MaillardLuxe Competition (Red Label) Mid 1970's - Early 1980's
Normandy Sport (high flange, oblong holes)MaillardNormandy Sport N/A
Maillard Normandy (high flange, oblong holes)MaillardSport Mid 1960's - Early 1980's
Maillard 600 CXMaillard600 Maillard 600Mid 1980's - ?
Maillard 700, Professional (large flange)Maillard700ProfessionalMid 1970's - Mid 1980's
Maillard 700, Professional (low flange)Maillard700ProfessionalMid 1970's - Mid 1980's
Maillard 700, Professional Pista (large Flange)Maillard700ProfessionalMid 1970's - Mid 1980's
Maillard 700 (black dust cap with serrations, silver cage)Maillard700 1970's - 1980's
Maillard ATOM CXCMaillardATOM CXC 1980's
Maillard ATOM CXCMaillardATOM CXC 650 1983 - ?
Maillard 700 (red dust cap, black cage)MaillardMaillard 700N/A
Maillard 700 (black dust cap, black cage)Maillard700Maillard 700N/A
Maillard 700 (red dust cap, silver cage)Maillard700Maillard 700N/A
Spidel/Maillard 700 Black Alloy CagesMaillard700Maillard 700Late 1970's - Early 1980's
Small Parts & Accessories
Maillard Helicomatic spoke protectorMaillard N/A

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