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Model NameBrandCategoryYearsIncludes
Nigel Dean (Road Race)Nigel DeanRoad RaceEarly 1990's - Mid 1990'sFrame ExampleFrame Details
Norman Heavy Cruiser, American versionNormanEnglish 3-speed1955 - ?Frame ExampleFrame Details
Norman Light RoadsterNormanEnglish 3-speedMid 1940's - Mid 1950'sFrame ExampleFrame Details
Raleigh Space RiderRaleighEnglish 3-speedEarly 1960's - Mid 1960'sFrame Example
Raleigh Sports (Ladies) single speedRaleighEnglish 3-speed1960's - 1970'sFrame Example
Raleigh Sports Cyclo 2-SpeedRaleighEnglish 3-speedLate 1940'sFrame Example
Raleigh Dyna Tech Corsa 405 TiRaleighRoad Race1990'sFrame ExampleFrame DetailsFrame Build
Raleigh ProfessionalRaleighRoad RaceEarly 1970's - Late 1970'sFrame ExamplesFrame Details
Raleigh Team ProRaleighRoad Race1970's - 1980'sFrame ExamplesFrame Details
Raleigh Super Course CarltonRaleighRoad Sport1973 - ?Frame ExampleFrame Details
Raleigh team 12RaleighRoad SportN/AFrame ExampleFrame Details
Raleigh InternationalRaleighRoad Touring1971Frame ExampleFrame Details
Raleigh SpriteRaleighRoad Touring1976 - ?Frame Example
Saracen TufftraxSaracenMountain Bike1988 - ?Frame ExampleFrame Details
Speedwell TitaniumSpeedwellRoad RaceMid 1970's - Late 1970'sFrame Example
Triumph (English 3-speed)TriumphEnglish 3-speedN/AFrame Example
Triumph Rod Brake City BikeTriumphEnglish 3-speed1970'sFrame Example
Viscount Aerospace G.P.ViscountRoad Race1970'sFrame Example
Viscount Aerospace ProViscountRoad Race1970'sFrame Example
W.F. Holdsworth 1967 Holdsworth Italia Team ProfessionalW.F. HoldsworthRoad Race1967Frame ExampleFrame DetailsFrame Build
W.F. Holdsworth ProfessionalW.F. HoldsworthRoad Race1967 - 1992Frame Example
W.F. Holdsworth SpecialW.F. HoldsworthRoad Race1970's - 1980'sFrame ExampleFrame DetailsFrame Build
W.F. Holdsworth Cyclone DeluxeW.F. HoldsworthRoad Sport1949 - 1951Frame ExampleFrame Details
W.F. Holdsworth MistralW.F. HoldsworthRoad Touring1963 - 1983Frame ExampleFrame DetailsFrame Build
Youngs of Lewisham (Road Touring)Youngs of LewishamRoad TouringLate 1950's - Mid 1960'sFrame ExampleFrame Details
Alex Singer randonneuringAlex SingerRoad TouringN/AFrame Example
Automoto cycle Piste ProfessionaleAutomotoTrack Fixed Gear1954 - ?Frame Examples
Bertin C-34BertinRoad RaceMid 1960's - Late 1970'sFrame ExampleFrame DetailsFrame Build
Bertin C-37bisBertinRoad RaceLate 1970's - Early 1980'sFrame ExampleFrame Details
Bertin C-132BertinRoad Touring1970's - 1980'sFrame ExamplesFrame Details
Bertin C-28BertinRoad Touring1970's - 1980'sFrame ExampleFrame Details
Bertin C-31BertinRoad Touring1970's - 1980'sFrame ExampleFrame Details
Gitane (Road Race)GitaneRoad RaceN/AFrame ExampleFrame Details
Gitane 1990s TeamGitaneRoad RaceEarly 1990's - ?Frame ExampleFrame Details
Helyett Speciale Service Des CoursesHelyettRoad Race1950's - 1960'sFrame Example
Helyett Speciale (Pista)HelyettTrack Fixed GearN/AFrame ExampleFrame Details
Jacques Anquetil RoadJacques AnquetilRoad RaceLate 1950's - Late 1960'sFrame ExampleFrame Details
JP Routens Course AmateurJP RoutensRoad TouringEarly 1980'sFrame Example
La Roue Libre (Freewheel)La Roue LibreRoad RaceLate 1970's - ?Frame ExampleFrame DetailsFrame Build
LeJeune Champ du MondeLeJeuneRoad Race1960's - 1970'sFrame ExampleFrame DetailsFrame Build
LeJeune Pro or F70LeJeuneRoad RaceLate 1960's - ?Frame ExampleFrame DetailsFrame Build
LOOK MI-50LOOKMountain Bike1991 - ?Frame ExampleFrame Details
LOOK MI-60LOOKMountain Bike1991 - ?Frame ExampleFrame Details
LOOK MI-70LOOKMountain Bike1991 - ?Frame Example
LOOK MI-80LOOKMountain Bike1991 - ?Frame ExampleFrame Details
LOOK MI-90LOOKMountain Bike1991 - ?Frame ExampleFrame Details
LOOK MI-90 CarbonLOOKMountain Bike1991 - ?Frame ExampleFrame Details
LOOK Equipe (Team La Vie Claire)LOOKRoad Race1985 - 1986Frame Example
LOOK KG 171LOOKRoad RaceEarly 1990's - Late 1990'sFrame ExampleFrame Details
LOOK KG 176LOOKRoad Race1992 - ?Frame ExampleFrame Details

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