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Model NameBrandCategoryYearsIncludes
Currys (English 3-speed)CurrysEnglish 3-speedN/AFrame ExampleFrame DetailsFrame Build
Ernie Clements ClementsErnie ClementsRoad RaceEarly 1980's - Early 1990'sFrame ExampleFrame Details
Falcon (Road Race)FalconRoad RaceEarly 1980's - Mid 1980'sFrame ExampleFrame Details
Falcon EquipeFalconRoad Race1984 - ?Frame ExampleFrame Details
Harry Quinn Custom RacingHarry QuinnRoad RaceN/AFrame ExampleFrame Details
Hobbs of Barbican SuperbeHobbs of BarbicanTime-TrialN/AFrame ExampleFrame Details
Mercian SuperlightMercianRoad Race1970'sFrame ExampleFrame Details
Nigel Dean (Road Race)Nigel DeanRoad RaceEarly 1990's - Mid 1990'sFrame ExampleFrame Details
Norman Heavy Cruiser, American versionNormanEnglish 3-speed1955 - ?Frame ExampleFrame Details
Norman Light RoadsterNormanEnglish 3-speedMid 1940's - Mid 1950'sFrame ExampleFrame Details
Omega TeknobikeOmegaRoad RaceEarly 1990's - ?Frame ExampleFrame Details
Raleigh Space RiderRaleighEnglish 3-speedEarly 1960's - Mid 1960'sFrame Example
Raleigh Sports (Ladies) single speedRaleighEnglish 3-speed1960's - 1970'sFrame Example
Raleigh Sports Cyclo 2-SpeedRaleighEnglish 3-speedLate 1940'sFrame Example
Raleigh Dyna Tech Corsa 405 TiRaleighRoad Race1990'sFrame ExampleFrame DetailsFrame Build
Raleigh Dynatech Pro 2080RaleighRoad Race1990 - ?Frame ExampleFrame Details
Raleigh ProfessionalRaleighRoad RaceEarly 1970's - Late 1970'sFrame ExamplesFrame Details
Raleigh Team ProRaleighRoad Race1970's - 1980'sFrame ExamplesFrame Details
Raleigh Clubman LadyRaleighRoad SportEarly 1980's - Mid 1980'sFrame ExampleFrame Details
Record T.I. RaleighRaleighRoad SportEarly 1970's - Late 1970'sFrame ExampleFrame DetailsFrame Build
Raleigh Super Course CarltonRaleighRoad Sport1973 - ?Frame ExampleFrame Details
Raleigh team 12RaleighRoad SportN/AFrame ExampleFrame Details
Raleigh InternationalRaleighRoad Touring1970 - 1976Frame ExampleFrame Details
Raleigh SpriteRaleighRoad Touring1976 - ?Frame Example
Ray Sports ModelRayEnglish 3-speedLate 1950's - Early 1960'sFrame ExampleFrame Build
Saracen TufftraxSaracenMountain Bike1988 - ?Frame ExampleFrame Details
Speedwell TitaniumSpeedwellRoad RaceMid 1970's - Late 1970'sFrame Example
Triumph (English 3-speed)TriumphEnglish 3-speedN/AFrame Example
Triumph Rod Brake City BikeTriumphEnglish 3-speed1970'sFrame Example
Viscount Aerospace G.P.ViscountRoad Race1970'sFrame Example
Viscount Aerospace ProViscountRoad Race1970'sFrame Example
W.F. Holdsworth 1967 Holdsworth Italia Team ProfessionalW.F. HoldsworthRoad Race1967Frame ExampleFrame DetailsFrame Build
W.F. Holdsworth Nuovo RecordW.F. HoldsworthRoad Race1982Frame ExampleFrame Details
W.F. Holdsworth ProfessionalW.F. HoldsworthRoad Race1967 - 1992Frame Example
W.F. Holdsworth SpecialW.F. HoldsworthRoad Race1970's - 1980'sFrame ExampleFrame DetailsFrame Build
W.F. Holdsworth Cyclone DeluxeW.F. HoldsworthRoad Sport1949 - 1951Frame ExampleFrame Details
W.F. Holdsworth MistralW.F. HoldsworthRoad Touring1963 - 1983Frame ExampleFrame DetailsFrame Build
Youngs of Lewisham (Road Touring)Youngs of LewishamRoad TouringLate 1950's - Mid 1960'sFrame ExampleFrame Details
Alex Singer randonneuringAlex SingerRoad TouringN/AFrame Example
Automoto cycle Piste ProfessionaleAutomotoTrack Fixed Gear1954 - ?Frame Examples
Bertin C-34BertinRoad RaceMid 1960's - Late 1970'sFrame ExampleFrame DetailsFrame Build
Bertin C-37bisBertinRoad RaceLate 1970's - Early 1980'sFrame ExamplesFrame Details
Bertin C-132BertinRoad Touring1970's - 1980'sFrame ExamplesFrame Details
Bertin C-28BertinRoad Touring1970's - 1980'sFrame ExampleFrame Details
Bertin C-31BertinRoad Touring1970's - 1980'sFrame ExampleFrame Details
Cycles La Resistante LuxeCycles La ResistanteRoad RaceEarly 1970's - Mid 1970'sFrame ExampleFrame Details
Gitane (Road Race)GitaneRoad RaceN/AFrame ExampleFrame Details
Gitane 1990s TeamGitaneRoad RaceEarly 1990's - ?Frame ExampleFrame Details
Gitane Mach 410GitaneRoad Race1995 - ?Frame ExampleFrame DetailsFrame Build
Gitane Tour de FranceGitaneRoad Race1973 - 1977Frame ExampleFrame DetailsFrame Build

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