Crono Sprint
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Display Name:Crono Sprint
Category:Road Race
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General Information
Brake LeversGipiemme Crono Sprint (non-drilled)1980's - ?01/26/11
Brake LeversGipiemme Crono Sprint 700CA / 700CC1980's - ?06/01/09
BrakesGipiemme Crono Sprint 700CC1980's - ?06/01/09
ChainringsGipiemme Crono Special / Crono SprintN/A04/23/14
ChainsGipiemme Crono SprintLate 1970's - 1980's10/12/07
CranksetsGipiemme Crono Sprint /EN/A12/07/16
CranksetsGipiemme Crono Sprint 100 CC1982 - ?10/12/07
CranksetsGipiemme Crono Sprint 400BA, Bagarre BA 1001982 - ?05/08/14
FreewheelsGipiemme Crono Sprint (gold)1980's09/23/09
FreewheelsGipiemme Crono Sprint (silver)N/A04/03/19
Front DerailleursGipiemme Crono Sprint 800CC-802DD1982 - ?06/27/18
Front DerailleursGipiemme Crono Sprint 802 DD1982 - 198302/05/08
HeadsetsGipiemme Crono Sprint1984 - ?09/02/07
HeadsetsGipiemme Crono Sprint 500 BP1982 - ?02/09/08
Rear DerailleursGipiemme Crono Sprint 800CC-801CC1982 - ?06/27/18
Rear DerailleursGipiemme Crono Sprint 800DSMid 1980's - ?11/16/07
Seat PostsGipiemme Crono Sprint 600BA (fluted)1980's12/07/07
Seat PostsGipiemme Crono Sprint 600CA AeroLate 1980's - 1990's06/30/09
Seat PostsGipiemme Crono Sprint 600DD1982 - ?10/20/08
ShiftersGipiemme Crono Sprint (dark colored)1980's01/13/11
ShiftersGipiemme Crono Sprint (friction)N/A04/02/14
ShiftersGipiemme Crono Sprint 800CC-870DS1982 - ?06/27/18
ShiftersGipiemme Crono Sprint 870 BC / BA 870 (retro-friction)1982 - ?08/24/07
ShiftersSimplex SLJ (3rd type, S logo on band)1981 - 198307/31/07
ShiftersSimplex SLJ (4th type, black anodized)1981 - 198311/24/10
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