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Belleri BelriShifters N/A
Brampton Speedy (3-speed)Shifters Early 1950's - Mid 1960's
BSA 3 Speed (Round framed model)Shifters 1930's - 1940's
BSA Snap Control 3-speedShiftersSnap Control N/A
BSA 3-speed Trigger ControlShiftersTrigger Control 1960's
Cambio Rino
Cambio Rino ('Rino' on solid straight lever)Shifters N/A
Cambio Rino (curved levers)Shifters N/A
Cambio Rino (curved levers, aero mount)Shifters N/A
Cambio Rino (diamond R)Shifters N/A
Cambio Rino Forate (diamond R with cut-out)Shifters181 N/A
Campagnolo 1013/1A, Gran Sport (Single Sided)Shifters1013/1A(Nuovo) Gran Sport1960's - 1970's
Campagnolo 1014/1A, Nuovo Gran SportShifters1014/1A(Nuovo) Gran Sport1974 - 1983
Campagnolo 50th AnniversaryShifters50th Anniversary1983
Campagnolo AthenaShiftersSyncroAthenaLate 1980's - ?
Campagnolo Syncro II, AthenaShiftersSyncro IIAthenaLate 1980's - Early 1990's
Campagnolo C-Record FrictionShifters0118074C-Record1985 - 1988
Campagnolo C-Record Retro-Friction (2nd Gen.)ShiftersA271-2C-Record1989 - Early 1990's
Campagnolo Syncro II, C-RecordShiftersSyncroC-Record1989 - Early 1990's
Campagnolo Syncro II, C-Record (Graphite finish)ShiftersSyncroC-RecordEarly 1990's
Campagnolo, C-Record SyncroShiftersSyncro (Cat. No. 529)C-Record1987 - 1988
Campagnolo Q222, CentaurShiftersQ222Centaur1990 - Early 1990's
Campagnolo Q222, CentaurShiftersQ222Centaur1990 - Early 1990's
Campagnolo Chorus Friction - Graphite finishShiftersChorusLate 1980's
Campagnolo EuclidShiftersEuclidEuclid1989 - 1991
Campagnolo 1012/2, Gran Sport (Early Bar End)Shifters1012/2Gran SportEarly 1950's
Campagnolo 1012/3, Gran Sport (Bar End)Shifters1012/3Gran Sport1953 - 1968
Campagnolo 1013/1, Gran SportShifters1013/1Gran Sport1950's
Campagnolo 1014, Gran SportShifters1014Gran SportLate 1950's - Early 1960's
Campagnolo 1015 (Single left side shifter)Shifters1015Gran SportEarly 1950's - 1960's
Campagnolo 1015/1 (Single left side shifter with pump clip)Shifters1015/1Gran SportEarly 1950's - ?
Campagnolo Gran TurismoShiftersGran TurismoN/A
Campagnolo Elefante Control ShifterShifters3360Gran TurismoEarly 1970's
Campagnolo BS-02IC CG, Icarus (bullet shifters)ShiftersBS-02IC CGIcarus1992 - 1995
Campagnolo SL-02BE CGShiftersSL-02BE CGIcarus1991 - 1993
Campagnolo 1012/1013 Bar-End ShiftersShifters1012/1013Nuovo Record1951 - 1980's
Campagnolo 1013/5 1013/6, RecordShifters1013/5 1013/6Nuovo Record1950's - Mid 1970's
Campagnolo 1013/6 Porta Cantena, RecordShifters1013/6Nuovo RecordLate 1970's - Early 1980's
Campagnolo 1014, RecordShifters1014Nuovo Record1967 - 1980's
Campagnolo 1014, Record (black cable guide)Shifters1014Nuovo Record1960's - 1970's
Campagnolo 1014, Record (later version)Shifters1014Nuovo Record1976 - Late 1980's
Campagnolo 1014, Record (Milled lever)Shifters1014Nuovo Record1967 - 1980's
Campagnolo 1014/1, Record with Pump ClipShifters1014/1Nuovo Record1960's - 1970's
Campagnolo 1013/1 Record Single SidedShifters1013/1Record1967 - ?
Campagnolo Record 8-Speed, RecordShiftersRecord 8-Speed Bar End ShifterRecordEarly 1990's - ?
Campagnolo SL-01RE CG, RecordShiftersSL-01RE CGRecord1992 - 1994
Campagnolo 1013/7, Sport FlatbarShifters1013/7SportLate 1950's - ?
Campagnolo 1013/5N 1013/6N, RecordShifters1013/5N 1013/6NSuper Record1984 - 1987
Campagnolo Super Record Retro-FrictionShiftersSuper RecordSuper RecordEarly 1980's - Mid 1980's
Campagnolo 0118042-0118043, TriompheShifters0118042-0118043Triomphe1985 - ?
Campagnolo 0118061, TriompheShifters0118061 (clamp)Triomphe1985 - ?

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