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Atom (1 speed, 'Atom' with numbers, 4 ovals)Freewheels N/A
Atom (1 speed, no numbers with 'Atom', 4 ovals)Freewheels N/A
Atom (1 speed, no numbers with 'Atom', no ovals)Freewheels N/A
Atom (3 speed, 4 ovals)Freewheels N/A
Atom (3 speed, lettered Atom on backside)Freewheels N/A
Atom (3 speed, no ovals)Freewheels N/A
Atom (4 speed)Freewheels N/A
Atom (5 speed, 'S.I.C.C. Made in Italy', silver cogs)Freewheels N/A
Atom (5 speed, black cogs)Freewheels N/A
Atom (5 speed, silver cogs)Freewheels 1960's - 1980's
Atom - Int (1 speed)Freewheels N/A
Atom - Inter (1 speed, 4 ovals)Freewheels N/A
Atom - Inter (1 speed, no ovals)Freewheels N/A
Atom 66 (3 speed)Freewheels N/A
Atom 66 (5 speed)Freewheels N/A
Atom 77 (6 speed, black cogs)Freewheels 1977 - ?
Atom 77 (6 speed, silver cogs)Freewheels N/A
Atom 77 Compact (6 speed)Freewheels 1970's - 1980's
Boro Teknik
Boro TeknikFreewheels N/A
BSA Mark IFreewheels N/A
BSA Mark XFreewheels N/A
Caimi (BREV CAIMI)Freewheels 1960's
Caimi (CAIMI)Freewheels N/A
EverestFreewheels N/A
Everest Extra LeggeraFreewheels 1980's
Everest NovaFreewheels N/A
Everest Nova Extra LeggeraFreewheels N/A
Everest Nova Lega LeggeraFreewheels N/A
Everest OroFreewheels N/A
Everest Special Oro (earlier)Freewheels Early 1980's - ?
Everest Special Oro (later)Freewheels N/A
Everest StarFreewheels N/A
Everest Star ProfessionalFreewheels Early 1980's - ?
Everest Star Professional (drilled cogs)Freewheels 1980's
Everest Super CaimiFreewheels N/A
Everest Supernova Extra LeggeraFreewheels N/A
Caimi G. Caimi Castano Italy EverestFreewheelsG. Caimi Castano Italy EverestN/A
Campagnolo aluminum (6 speed)Freewheels 1980's
Campagnolo aluminum (7 speed)Freewheels Late 1980's - ?
Campagnolo Aluminum Freewheel coreFreewheels Early 1980's - Late 1980's
Campagnolo 7 speed narrowFreewheels7 speed narrow N/A
Campagnolo TitaniumFreewheelsTitanium 1980's
Cyclo (2 speed)Freewheels  N/A
Cyclo (4 speed)Freewheels N/A
Cyclo (5 speed)Freewheels N/A
Cyclo (6 speed)Freewheels N/A
Cyclo 64 (5 speed)Freewheels N/A
Cyclo BlocFreewheels N/A
Cyclo RosaFreewheels N/A
Cyclo-PansFreewheels 1960's - 1970's

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