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Bottom Brackets
Shimano BB-MT60, Deore MT60 SeriesShimanoBB-MT60Deore II1987 - 1988
Shimano BB-MT60, Deore MT60 SeriesShimanoBB-MT60Deore MT60 Series1987 - 1988
Shimano BB-M730, Deore XTShimanoBB-M730Deore XT M7301987 - 1991
Brake Levers
Shimano BL-6200, 600EXShimanoBL-6200Deore1978 - 1984
Shimano BL-MT63, Deore DXShimanoBL-MT63Deore DX M650 Series1990 - 1993
Shimano BL-MT62, Deore II (4-finger)ShimanoBL-MT62Deore II1989
Shimano BL-MT60, Deore MT60 SeriesShimanoBL-MT60Deore MT60 Series1987 - 1988
Shimano BL-M700, Deore XT M700ShimanoBL-M700Deore XT M7001983 - 1986
Shimano BL-M730, Deore XT M730ShimanoBL-M730Deore XT M730Early 1980's - Early 1990's
Shimano BL-M733, Deore XT (2-finger)ShimanoBL-M733Deore XT M732 1991 - 1992
Shimano BR-6102, 600EX (cantilever)ShimanoBR-6102Deore1982 - 1984
Shimano BR-MT62, Deore IIShimanoBR-MT62Deore II1989
Shimano BR-M453, Deore LXShimanoBR-M453Deore LX M550 SeriesEarly 1990's - Mid 1990's
Shimano BR-M560, Deore LXShimanoBR-M560Deore LX M560 Series1993 - 1998
Shimano BR-MT60, DeoreShimanoBR-MT60Deore MT60 Series1987 - 1988
Shimano BR-MT61, DeoreShimanoBR-MT61Deore MT60 Series1987 - 1988
Shimano BR-MC70, Deore XT M700ShimanoBR-MC70Deore XT M7001983 - 1986
Shimano BR-M730, Deore XT M730ShimanoBR-M730Deore XT M7301987 - 1988
Shimano BR-M731, Deore XT M730ShimanoBR-M731Deore XT M7301986 - Mid 1990's
Shimano BR-M732, Deore XTShimanoBR-M732Deore XT M732 1989 - Early 1990's
Shimano BR-M733, Deore XTShimanoBR-M733Deore XT M732 1989 - 1992
Shimano BR-M734, Deore XTShimanoBR-M734Deore XT M732 1993
Shimano BR-M737, Deore XTShimanoBR-M737Deore XT M7371994 - 1995
Shimano CS-M730, Deore XT M730ShimanoCS-M730Deore XT M7301987 - ?
Shimano hg90, Deore XT M735 SeriesShimanohg90Deore XT M735 SeriesEarly 1990's - 1994
Shimano CS-M737, Deore XT M737ShimanoCS-M737Deore XT M737N/A
Shimano DeoreShimanoDeore1980 - 1984
Shimano Deore LXShimanoDeore LX M550 SeriesEarly 1990's
Shimano CN-6200, 600EXShimanoCN-6200DeoreEarly 1980's - Mid 1980's
Shimano Deore LXShimanoDeore LX M550 SeriesEarly 1990's - ?
Shimano FC-DE20 / FC-DE21, DeoreShimanoFC-DE20Deore1982 - 1984
Shimano FC-DE30 / FC-DE31, DeoreShimanoFC-DE30Deore1982 - 1984
Shimano FC-MT60, Deore MT60 SeriesShimanoFC-MT60Deore II1989
Shimano FC-M550, Deore LXShimanoFC-M550Deore LX M550 SeriesN/A
Shimano FC-M560, Deore LX M560 SeriesShimanoFC-M560Deore LX M560 SeriesEarly 1990's - Mid 1990's
Shimano FC-MT60, Deore MT60 SeriesShimanoFC-MT60Deore MT60 Series1989
Shimano FC-6206 Biopace, 600EX (Triple version of FC-6207)ShimanoFC-6206 BiopaceDeore XT M7001984 - 1987
Shimano FC-M730, Deore XT M730ShimanoFC-M730Deore XT M7301986 - 1993
Shimano FC-M730 Tandem, Deore XT M730ShimanoFC-M730 TandemDeore XT M7301986 - 1993
Shimano FC-M737, Deore XT M737ShimanoFC-M737Deore XT M7371993 - 1995
Front Derailleurs
Shimano FD-DE10, DeoreShimanoFD-DE10Deore1982 - 1984
Shimano FD-M650, Deore DXShimanoFD-M650Deore DX M650 Series1990 - 1993
Shimano FD-M650, Deore DX (Endless Band)ShimanoFD-M650Deore DX M650 Series1990 - 1993
Shimano FD-M651, Deore DXShimanoFD-M651Deore DX M650 Series1992 - 1993
Shimano FD-M550, Deore LXShimanoFD-M550Deore LX M550 Series1990 - 1992
Shimano FD-M561, Deore LXShimanoFD-M561Deore LX M560 Series1992 - ?
Shimano FD-M563, Deore LXShimanoFD-M563Deore LX M560 Series1994
Shimano FD-M566, Deore LXShimanoFD-M566Deore LX M560 SeriesN/A
Shimano FD-M567, Deore LXShimanoFD-M567Deore LX M560 Series1995 - 1998
Shimano FD-MT60-AL, DeoreShimanoFD-MT60-ALDeore MT60 Series1988

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