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Bottom Brackets
Campagnolo 4031, Super Record (Second Gen)Campagnolo4031Super RecordEarly 1980's
Brake Levers
Campagnolo 4062, Super Record (long reach?)Campagnolo4062Super Record1975 - 1977
Campagnolo 4062, Super Record post-'83 (hoods w/ shield logo)Campagnolo4062Super Record1983 - 1987
Campagnolo 4062, Super Record pre-'83 (hoods w/ world/globe logo)Campagnolo4062Super RecordEarly 1970's - 1983
Campagnolo 4061, Super Record (v1)Campagnolo4061, 4061/1Super Record1974 - 1982
Campagnolo 4061, Super Record (v2)Campagnolo4061, 4061/1Super Record1983 - 1987
Campagnolo CobaltoCampagnoloCobaltoSuper Record1987 - ?
Campagnolo Super Record chainring guard (PATENT CAMPAGNOLO)CampagnoloSuper RecordN/A
Campagnolo, Super RecordCampagnoloSuper RecordN/A
Campagnolo 753/A, Super Record RoadCampagnolo753/ASuper Record1970's - 1980's
Campagnolo 1049/A, Strada Super RecordCampagnolo1049/ASuper Record1974 - 1987
Campagnolo 1049/A, Strada Super Record - no flute arm, engraved logoCampagnolo1049/ASuper RecordLate 1980's - Early 1990's
Campagnolo 1049/A, Strada Super Record - no flute arm, etched logoCampagnolo1049/ASuper RecordLate 1980's - Early 1990's
Campagnolo 1049/A, Super RecordCampagnolo1049/ASuper RecordEarly 1980's - Mid 1980's
Campagnolo 1049/A, Strada Super Record - no flute arm, etched logo (Triple)Campagnolo1049/A (Triple)Super RecordLate 1980's - Early 1990's
Front Derailleurs
Campagnolo Record 0104007 (1978, 4-hole)Campagnolo0104007Super Record1978
Campagnolo Record 1052/1 (1973-1977)Campagnolo1052/1Super Record1973 - 1977
Campagnolo Record 1052/1 (later body with cable stop)Campagnolo1052/1Super RecordMid 1970's - 1977
Campagnolo 1052/SR, Super Record (1979-1987)Campagnolo1052/SRSuper Record1979 - 1987
Campagnolo 4041, Super RecordCampagnolo4041Super RecordMid 1970's - Late 1980's
Campagnolo 4011, Super Record (High Flange, Ti Spindle)Campagnolo4011Super Record1974 - ?
Campagnolo 4014, Super Record (Low Flange, Ti Spindle)Campagnolo4014Super Record1974 - ?
Campagnolo 4021, Super Record StradaCampagnolo4021Super Record1974 - 1980's
Campagnolo 4121, Super Record PistaCampagnolo4121Super RecordLate 1970's - Early 1980's
Rear Derailleurs
Campagnolo 4001, Super RecordCampagnolo4001Super RecordEarly 1970's - Early 1980's
Campagnolo 4001, Super Record (1st Generation)Campagnolo4001Super Record1974 - 1979
Campagnolo 4001, Super Record, PAT. 80Campagnolo4001Super Record1980
Campagnolo 4001, Super Record (2nd gen, matte finish)Campagnolo4001 / 0102018Super Record1979 - 1987
Campagnolo 4001, Super Record (2nd gen, ver.1)Campagnolo4001 / 0102018Super Record1978 - 1984
Campagnolo 4001, Super Record (2nd gen. ver. 2)Campagnolo4001 / 0102018Super Record1984 - 1987
Seat Posts
Campagnolo 4051, Super Record (Campagnolo Script)Campagnolo4051Super RecordLate 1970's - Early 1980's
Campagnolo 4051, Super Record Fluted (two-bolt)Campagnolo4051Super Record1975 - ?
Campagnolo 4051/1, Nuovo Super RecordCampagnolo4051/1Super Record1980's
Campagnolo 4051/1, Nuovo Super Record (polished upper)Campagnolo4051/1Super Record1980's
Campagnolo 4051/1, Nuovo Super Record (semi polished upper)Campagnolo4051/1Super Record1980's
Campagnolo 1012/1013 Bar-End ShiftersCampagnolo1012/1013Super Record1951 - 1980's
Campagnolo 1013/5N 1013/6N, RecordCampagnolo1013/5N 1013/6NSuper Record1984 - 1987
Campagnolo 1014, RecordCampagnolo1014Super Record1967 - 1980's
Campagnolo 1014, Record (black cable guide)Campagnolo1014Super Record1960's - 1970's
Campagnolo 1014, Record (later version)Campagnolo1014Super Record1976 - Late 1980's
Campagnolo 1014, Record (Milled lever)Campagnolo1014Super Record1967 - 1980's
Campagnolo 1014/1, Record with Pump ClipCampagnolo1014/1Super Record1960's - 1970's
Campagnolo Super Record Retro-FrictionCampagnoloSuper RecordSuper RecordEarly 1980's - Mid 1980's
Small Parts & Accessories
Campagnolo Super Record Titanium pedal spindleCampagnolo4025 / 4024Super RecordMid 1970's - Late 1970's
Campagnolo 4043 Super Record alloy headset spacerCampagnolo4043Super Record1974 - 1987

Selle San Marco
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