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Brake Levers
Dia-CompeDia-Compe Early 1970's - ?
Dia-Compe CHERRYDia-Compe N/A
Dia-Compe XCMDia-Compe 1989 - 1990
Dia-Compe 138 (Tandem stoker hoods)Dia-Compe138 N/A
Dia-Compe 144CDia-Compe144C 1970's - 1980's
Dia-Compe 151CDia-Compe151C Early 1980's - Mid 1980's
Dia-Compe 152 (Double Slot Drilled)Dia-Compe152 1980's
Dia-Compe 154Dia-Compe154 1980's
Dia-Compe 166E Extention LeverDia-Compe166E N/A
Dia-Compe 189 Reverse LeverDia-Compe189 1980's
Dia-Compe BRS 300Dia-CompeBRS 300 N/A
Dia-Compe BRS 500Dia-CompeBRS 500 N/A
Dia-Compe Ss8Dia-CompeSs8 N/A
Dia-Compe AGC 251, AeroGran CompeDia-CompeAGC 251Aero Gran Compe1986 - ?
Dia-Compe AGC250, Aero CompeDia-CompeAGC250Aero Gran Compe1980's
Dia-Compe AGC250, Aero Compe AGCDia-CompeAGC250Aero Gran Compe1980's
Dia-Compe Gran Compe (for touring, engraved)Dia-CompeGran Compe1970's - 1980's
Dia-Compe 160CDia-Compe160CGran Compe1970's - 1980's
Dia-Compe NGC 202 Gran CompeDia-CompeNGC 202 Gran CompeGran CompeEarly 1980's - Late 1980's
Dia-Compe NGC160, Gran CompeDia-CompeNGC160Gran Compe1980's
Dia-Compe RGC200, Royal Gran CompeDia-CompeRGC200Royal Gran Compe1980's - ?
Dia-Compe SVXDia-CompeSVXSVXMid 1980's
Dia-Compe 987Dia-Compe Early 1990's - Mid 1990's
Dia-Compe 500 GXDia-Compe500 GX ? - 1980's
Dia-Compe 5583Dia-Compe5583 N/A
Dia-Compe CHERRYDia-Compe5583 N/A
Dia-Compe 610Dia-Compe610 1970's - 1980's
Dia-Compe 750Dia-Compe750 1970's - 1980's
Dia-Compe 812Dia-Compe812 N/A
Dia-Compe 884Dia-Compe884 Bulldog  N/A
Dia-Compe 980Dia-Compe980 N/A
Dia-Compe 981Dia-Compe981 1980's
Dia-Compe 983Dia-Compe983 1980's
Dia-Compe 986Dia-Compe986 1980's - ?
Dia-Compe 988Dia-Compe988 N/A
Dia-Compe AC 500 (G)Dia-CompeAC 500 (G) Mid 1980's - ?
Dia-Compe 985Dia-CompeAD-985 N/A
Dia-Compe 990Dia-CompeAD-990 N/A
Dia-Compe Alpha II (White)Dia-CompeAlpha II 1988
Dia-Compe OléDia-CompeBA-OL00-S N/A
Dia-Compe BRS 200Dia-CompeBRS 200 1991 - 2011
Dia-Compe BRS 300Dia-CompeBRS 300 Early 1990's - ?
Dia-Compe BRS 300Dia-CompeBRS 300 Early 1990's - ?
Dia-Compe BRS500Dia-CompeBRS500 Late 1980's - Early 1990's
Dia-Compe CrossbowDia-CompeCrossbow 1968 - Late 1980's
Dia-Compe XCMDia-CompeCT-XM00 1989 - 1990
Dia-Compe DC 510Dia-CompeDC 510 N/A
Dia-Compe GDia-CompeG 1980's
Dia-Compe 400Dia-CompeGX400N 1980's
Dia-Compe MX-901Dia-CompeMX-901 N/A
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