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Bottom Brackets
Sugino 75Sugino75 N/A
Sugino GuinesSuginoGuines 1982
Sugino Mighty MW-68SuginoMighty 1980's - ?
Sugino Super Mighty PistaSuginoSuper Mighty N/A
Sugino MS-68 (NJS)SuginoMS-68 Mighty/Super Mighty Competition TrackN/A
Brake Levers
Sugino 75Sugino7575 RoadLate 1980's - ?
Sugino 75 RoadSuginoSugino 7575 RoadLate 1980's - ?
Sugino chainring guardSugino N/A
Sugino Mighty CompetitionSugino N/A
Sugino Carbon BMXSuginoCarbon BMX N/A
Sugino Pro-DSuginoPro-Dynamic N/A
Sugino 75 CarbonSuginoSugino 7575 RoadN/A
Sugino 75 TrackSugino75 TrackEarly 1990's - Current
Sugino Cycloid 110 38TSuginoCycloidEarly 1980's - Early 1990's
Sugino Cycloid 110 48TSuginoCycloidEarly 1980's - Early 1990's
Sugino Cycloid 74 28TSuginoCycloidEarly 1980's - Early 1990's
Sugino Mighty/Super Mighty Competition Track Single ChainringsSuginoMighty/Super Mighty Competition Track1980's - Current
SuginoSugino Late 1970's - Late 1980's
Sugino Mighty CompetitionSugino 1972 - ?
Sugino 75 trackSugino75 track 1980's - Current
Sugino AC110SuginoAC110 1980's - 1990's
Sugino AC130SuginoAC130 1980's - 1990's
Sugino Aero MaxySuginoAero Maxy N/A
Sugino Aero MightySuginoAero Mighty Mid 1980's - ?
Sugino Aero Mighty TechnoSuginoAero Mighty Techno Mid 1980's - ?
Sugino ALPSuginoALP N/A
Sugino APSuginoAP Late 1980's - ?
Sugino AP110SuginoAP110 N/A
Sugino BMX 81SuginoBMX 81 N/A
Sugino CT-BMXSuginoCT-BMX N/A
Sugino ASSuginoDAAS 1980's - ?
Sugino BT (double)SuginoDBT 1980's
Sugino GSSuginoDGS 1980's
Sugino RT (double)SuginoDRT 1980's
Sugino GLPSuginoGLP Mid 1980's
Sugino GTSuginoGT Mid 1970's - Mid 1980's
Sugino GuinesSuginoGuines 1982
Sugino GX130SuginoGX N/A
Sugino IdolSuginoIdol N/A
Sugino ImpelSuginoImpel Mid 1990's - ?
Sugino MagySuginoMagy N/A
Sugino Maxy (5-Arm)SuginoMaxy (5-Arm) 1970's
Sugino Maxy 3-boltSuginoMaxy 3-bolt 1970's - ?
Sugino Maxy 3-bolt (replacable big ring)SuginoMaxy 3-bolt 1970's - ?
Sugino Mighty (road)SuginoMighty N/A
Sugino Mighty Comp (pista)SuginoMighty N/A
Sugino Mighty Tour (double)SuginoMighty Tour 1980's
Sugino Mighty Tour (triple)SuginoMighty Tour 1980's
Sugino MPSuginoMP N/A
Sugino MRC-126CSuginoMRC-126C  N/A
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