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Small Parts & Accessories
REG Baby SeatREG N/A
REG Cable Clip (top tube), side variantREG N/A
REG Corsa pumpREG  N/A
REG pump clipsREG N/A
REG pump clipsREG N/A
REG shift lever coversREG N/A
REG Tire SaversREG N/A
REG toe strap buttonsREG N/A
REG water bottle cage (steel, quick release, frame mount)REG N/A
REG water bottle cage (steel, quick release, handlebar mount)REG N/A
REG water bottle cage (steel; frame mount)REG N/A
REG 162 Standard QR water bottle cage (perforated steel strap; handlebar mount)REG162 1960's - 1970's
REG 164 Standard QR water bottle cage (perforated steel strap; frame mount)REG164 N/A
REG 1970 Competition water bottle cage (frame mount)REG1970 1970 - 1980's
REG 1971 Competition water bottle cage (handlebar mount)REG1971  N/A
REG 1973/19 Aerodyn water bottle & cageREG1973/19 N/A
REG 1974 water bottle cageREG1974 1974 - ?
REG 1975/50 Ergal water bottle cageREG1975/50 N/A
REG 1976 Dural water bottle cageREG1976 N/A
REG 1979 Standard water bottle cage (single clip)REG1979  N/A
REG 21 bicycle tool kitREG21 N/A
REG 230 water bottle cage (plastic; handlebar mount)REG230 N/A
REG 231 water bottle cage (plastic; downtube mount)REG231 1960's
REG 273 handlebar plugsREG273 N/A
REG 308 water bottleREG308 N/A
REG 313 water bottleREG313 1960's - 1980's
REG 313/1 water bottle sprinkler capREG313/1  N/A
REG 314 Thermic water bottleREG314 N/A
REG 320 bottom bracket sleeveREG320 N/A
REG 462 handlebar gripsREG462 N/A
REG 67 spoke protectorREG67 N/A
REG 74 Special toe clipsREG74 N/A
REG 748 cable tidyREG748 N/A
REG 749 cable tidyREG749 N/A
REG 751/25 cable clip (top tube)REG751/25 N/A
REG 98 kickstandREG98 N/A

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