Shimano Total Integration (STI)
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Short Name:Shimano STIYear Introduced:1991
Speed Range:7sp - 11spIndexed Component:Shifting Brake Lever
General Information
Introduced in 1991 with 7400 8 speed, it soon trickled down to RSX (7 speed) and is currently in 11 speed (DA 9000, Ultegra 6800, and 105 5700)
Shifting System Component Variations
NameCategoryGearingYear Introduced
Shimano STIRear DerailleursN/A1986
    Notes: SIS and STI shifting systems utilize the same cable pull ratios.
7sp Shimano STIShifting Brake Levers7sp1991
8sp Shimano STIShifting Brake Levers8sp1991
Component List
Generally in Indexed systems, either the shifting or the derailleur component contains the indexing logic. Here is a list of components currently on which utilize the Shimano Total Integration (STI) shifting mechanism.
Component NameModelGroupCompatibility
Shifting Brake Levers
Shimano ST-1055, 105SCST-1055105SC8sp Shimano STI
Shimano ST-6400, 600EX UltegraST-6400600 Ultegra8sp Shimano STI
Shimano ST-A410, RSXST-A410RSX7sp Shimano STI
Shimano ST-A416, RSX (8 speed)ST-A416RSX8sp Shimano STI
Shimano ST-A550, RX100ST-A550RX1008sp Shimano STI
Shimano ST-M071, Deore DXST-M071Deore DX M650 Series7sp Shimano STI
Shimano ST-M095, Deore XT M735 SeriesST-M095Deore XT M735 Series7sp Shimano STI
Shimano ST-M567, Deore LX M560 SeriesST-M567Deore LX M560 Series8sp Shimano STI
Shimano ST-R500ST-R5008sp Shimano STI
Modolo MorphosMorphos8sp Shimano STI; 8sp Campagnolo Ergo
Rear Derailleurs
Shimano Deore XTRD-M737-SGSDeore XT M737Shimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano Deore XTRD-M737-GSDeore XT M737Shimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano Deore XTRD-M739 SGSDeore XT M739 SeriesShimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano RD A415, RSX 8 speedRD A415RSXShimano STI; Shimano SIS
Shimano RD-1050, 105RD-1050105 1050 SeriesShimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano RD-1051, 105RD-1051105 1050 SeriesShimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano RD-1055, 105SCRD-1055105SCShimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano RD-1056, 105SCRD-1056105SCShimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano RD-1056-GS, 105SCRD-1056-GS105SCShimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano RD-5000, SanteRD-5000SanteShimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano RD-5001-LS, SanteRD-5001-LSSanteShimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano RD-5500, 105 5500 SeriesRD-5500105 5500 SeriesShimano STI; Shimano SIS
Shimano RD-6208, 600EX (SIS)RD-6208600EXShimano STI; Shimano SIS
Shimano RD-6400, 600 UltegraRD-6400600 UltegraShimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano RD-6401, 600 UltegraRD-6401600 UltegraShimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano RD-A300, 300EXRD-A300Exage 300EXShimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano RD-A350RD-A350Light ActionShimano STI; Shimano SIS
Shimano RD-A350, Exage ActionRD-A350Exage ActionShimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano RD-A410 GS, RSXRD-A410 GSRSXShimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano RD-A450, Exage SportRD-A450Exage SportShimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano RD-A452, Sport LXRD A452Sport LXShimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano RD-A500, Exage 500EXRD-A500Exage 500EXShimano STI; Shimano SIS
Shimano RD-A520, Exage MotionRD-A520Exage MotionShimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano RD-A550, RX100RD-A550RX100Shimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano RD-A551-GS, RX100RD-A551-GSRX100Shimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano RD-C700, 700CXRD-C700700CXShimano STI; Shimano SIS
Shimano RD-L523, Light ActionRD-L523Light ActionShimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano RD-L525, Light ActionRD-L525Light ActionShimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano RD-L525, Light Action (long cage)RD-L525Light ActionShimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano RD-L532, Light ActionRD-L532Light ActionShimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano RD-L541 GS, Light ActionRD-L541 GSLight ActionShimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano RD-M300 GS, Exage 300LXRD-M300 GSExage 300LXShimano STI; Shimano SIS
Shimano RD-M300 SGS, Exage 300LXRD-M300 SGSExage 300LXShimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano RD-M452 SGS, mountain-LXRD-M452 SGSmountain-LXShimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano RD-M531 Light Action SISRD-M531Light ActionShimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano RD-M550 GS, Deore LXRD-M550 GSDeore LX M550 SeriesShimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano RD-M550 SGS, Deore LXRD-M550 SGSDeore LX M550 SeriesShimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano RD-M560, Deore LXRD-M560Deore LX M560 SeriesShimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano RD-M650, Deore DX (SGS)RD-M650Deore DX M650 SeriesShimano STI; Shimano SIS
Shimano RD-M650, Deore DX (SS)RD-M650Deore DX M650 SeriesShimano STI; Shimano SIS
Shimano RD-M730, Deore XT M730RD-M730Deore XT M730Shimano STI; Shimano SIS
Shimano RD-M732, Deore XTRD-M732Deore XT M732 Shimano STI; Shimano SIS
Shimano RD-M735 SGS, Deore XTRD-M735Deore XT M735 SeriesShimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano RD-M735 SS, Deore XTRD-M735Deore XT M735 SeriesShimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano RD-M900, XTR M900RD-M900XTR M900Shimano STI; Shimano SIS
Shimano RD-MC12, AlivioRD-MC12AlivioShimano STI; Shimano SIS
Shimano RD-MC38, STX-RCRD-MC38STX RCShimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano RD-MT60, DeoreRD-MT60Deore MT60 SeriesShimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano RD-MT62, Deore IIRD-MT62Deore IIShimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano RD-Z503, Z-SeriesRD-Z503Z-SeriesShimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano TourneyRD-TY20SSTourneyShimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano Ultegra RD-6500, UltegraRD-6500UltegraShimano STI; Shimano SIS
Paul Components Powerglide (early version)PowerglideShimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Precision Billet ProShiftProShiftShimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Precision Billet ProShift (early version)ProShiftShimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction
Regina Strada 1992 (Sachs)Strada 1992Shimano STI; Shimano SIS; Friction; Sachs-Huret ARIS
Sunrace 515L515LShimano STI; Shimano SIS
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