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NisiNisi Early 1980's - ?
NisiNisi 1970's - 1980's
Nisi (earlier version, no eyelets)Nisi N/A
Nisi (no eyelets)Nisi N/A
Nisi (with eyelets)Nisi N/A
Nisi AN85NisiAN85 N/A
Nisi ContenderNisiContender N/A
Nisi Corsa Toro (no eyelets)NisiCorsa Toro Late 1970's - Mid 1980's
Nisi Countach (no eyelets)NisiCountach N/A
Nisi Countach (with eyelets)NisiCountach N/A
Nisi G27NisiG27 N/A
Nisi HR22NisiHR22 N/A
Nisi Laser (no eyelets)NisiLaser 1982 - ?
Nisi Laser (with eyelets)NisiLaser N/A
Nisi M20 Pista SpecialeNisiM20 Pista Speciale 1970's - 1980's
Nisi Mercurio D'Oro 1977NisiMercurio D'Oro 1977 N/A
Nisi MixerNisiMixer Early 1980's - ?
Nisi Moncalieri 26NisiMoncalieri 26 Mid 1970's - Late 1970's
Nisi Sludi 290NisiSludi 290 Late 1970's - ?
Nisi Sludi 320NisiSludi 320 N/A
Nisi SolidalNisiSolidal N/A
Nisi Sport Toro StrettoNisiSport Toro Stretto Early 1970's - Late 1970's
Nisi Super CorsaNisiSuper Corsa N/A
Nisi Record (front disc)NisiRecord N/A

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