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Conf.Santini-Selle ItaliaSantni-Selle Italia1981
Vic Health Sun Tour100% SyntheticMazda2000 - - 2001
Carlos Galli AlanAcrylic1978
ADR Agrigel 1989 Tour-edition100% SyntheticADR-Agrigel1987-1989
Boule d'Or Colnago World Champion stripesWoolBoule d'Or Colnagoearly 1980's
DAF Trucks LeJeuneAcrylicDAF Trucks1980
Fangio AcrylicEcoturbo1985
Eddy Merckx's FAEMA jerseyWoolFAEMA1969
FangioAcrylicFangio Caroche1986
Isoglass-EVS-Robland-Galli100% SyntheticIsoglass-EVS-Robland-Galli1988
Lotto100% SyntheticLotto1985-2002
Neon VolcaWool & AcrylicNeon Volca1980?????
Roland100% SyntheticRoland1988
Roland-SkalaAcrylicRoland-Skalamid-late '80's
Cafe de Colombia100% SyntheticCafe de Colombia1985-1990
Varta Café de Colombia Mavic100% SyntheticColombia1985
Czech Republic
Joko FavoritJoko
Raleigh - Weinmann - SimplexAcrylic
Holdsworth CampagnoloWoolHoldsworth CampagnoloLate 1960's to Mid 1970's
Team RaleighWoolRaleigh
Bertin MilremoWool & AcrylicBertinEarly 1970's
Bertin Milremo Late 1970'sWool & AcrylicBertin MilremoLate 1970s
BP LeJeuneAcrylicBritish Petroleum1976-1978
Broyeurs Electra LeJeuneAcrylicBroyeurs Electra
Team Cofidis jersey 1999100% SyntheticCofidis1997-2012
CA (Credit Agricole)100% SyntheticCredit Agricole2008
Gan - Greg Lemond100% SyntheticGan1994
GAN 1980'sAcrylicGAN1980s
Gan cycling jersey100% SyntheticGan
Gitane Early 1970'sAcrylicGitaneEarly 1970's
Gitane Early 1980'sAcrylicGitaneEarly 1980's
Gitane Campagnolo (76-77)Gitane Campagnolo1976-1977
1986 La Vie Claire jerseyAcrylicLa Vie Claire1986
La Vie Claire-TerraillonAcrylicLa Vie Claire1984
Toshiba La Vie Claire100% SyntheticLa Vie Claire1984 - 1991
LaRedoute Motobécane - MBK 1980LaRedoute Motobecane1980
Miko Mercier Hutchinson 1977Miko Mercier Hutchinson1977
Motobécane - MBKAcrylicMotobecaneLate 1970's
Motobécane - MBKAcrylicMotobecaneMid 1970s
Motobécane - MBK MobyletteAcrylicMotobecaneEarly 70s
Motobécane - MBKAcrylicPacific CyclistsEarly 1970's
Peugeot BP MichelinAcrylicPeugeot
Peugeot BP MichelinAcrylicPeugeot
Peugeot BP Michelin 1968WoolPeugeot BP Michelin1965 - 1975
Puch WolberAcrylicPuch Wolber1981
1981 Tour de france Yellow jersey - podium jersey worn by Bernard HinaultWool & AcrylicRenault1981
Renault Elf GitaneWoolRenault Elf1978-85

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