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Wolber Super Champion AspinWolberAspin N/A
Wolber Super Champion Aspin (tubular)WolberAspin N/A
Wolber Super Champion AubisqueWolberAubisque 1979 - 1980's
Wolber Super Champion Gentleman 81WolberGentleman 81 Late 1970's - 1980's
Wolber Super Champion Gentleman 81WolberGentleman 81 Late 1970's - 1980's
Wolber Super Champion Gentleman GTAWolberGentleman GTA 1980's - ?
Wolber Gentleman GTA 2WolberGentleman GTA 2 Mid 1980's - Late 1990's
Wolber GTX 2WolberGTX 2 1980's - 1990's
Wolber Super Champion Mixte BWolberMixte B 1980's
Wolber Super Champion Modele 58WolberModele 58 1979 - 1980's
Wolber Profil 18WolberProfil 18 N/A
Wolber Profil 18 Titane MagnesiumWolberProfil 18 N/A
Wolber Profil 20WolberProfil 20 Late 1980's - ?
Wolber Profil AWolberProfil A N/A
Wolber TX ProfilWolberTX Profil N/A
Wolber TX ProfilWolberTX Profil N/A
Wolber (coil springs, girder rails)Wolber N/A
Wolber (four wires)Wolber  N/A
Wolber SoissonsWolber N/A
Wolber 22 Racing Team 650Wolber22 Racing Team 650 Mid 1980's - ?
Wolber Classic 290WolberClassic 290 1980's - 1990's
Wolber Club StradaWolberClub Strada N/A
Wolber Competition SlickWolberCompetition Slick N/A
Wolber Corsa 80WolberCorsa 80 N/A
Wolber CriteriumWolberCriterium 1970's - 1980's
Wolber Cross ExtraWolberCross Extra 1978 - 1980's
Wolber Cross SuperWolberCross Super 1978 - ?
Wolber Cross Super XWolberCross Super X N/A
Wolber CS19WolberCS19 N/A
Wolber InternationalWolberInternational 1970's - 1980's
Wolber Invulnerable 84WolberInvulnerable 84 Early 1980's - ?
Wolber JuniorWolberJunior N/A
Wolber Leader 80WolberLeader 80 N/A
Wolber LibertyWolberLiberty N/A
Wolber Liberty Premiere MonteWolberLiberty Premiere Monte N/A
Wolber Neo ProWolberNeo Pro 1978 - Late 1980's
Wolber Neo Pro SlickWolberNeo Pro Slick 1978 - Late 1980's
Wolber Neo ProWolberNeo Pro SP1 Mid 1980's - 1990's
Wolber Olympic 84WolberOlympic 84 Mid 1980's
Wolber PisteWolberPiste 1978 - ?
Wolber Rallye 19WolberRallye 19 1980's
Wolber Rallye 20TKSWolberRallye 20TKS N/A
Wolber Rallye 22 InvolnerableWolberRallye 22 Involnerable 1980's
Wolber Rallye 23 (700x22C)WolberRallye 23 (700x22C) 1980's
Wolber Record 18 PisteWolberRecord 18 Piste 1980's
Wolber Record RouteWolberRecord Route ? - 1980's
Wolber Record Route 18WolberRecord Route 18 1980's - ?
Wolber SL 19 COTONWolberSL 19 1980's
Wolber SL 20WolberSL 20 1980's
Wolber SL 20 "2R" CotonWolberSL 20 "2R" Coton 1980's
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