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Geared Hubs
Sturmey Archer Type AB Wide Ratio with BrakeSturmey ArcherAB 1938 - ?
Sturmey Archer AC Close Ratio 3-speedSturmey ArcherAC 1948 - 1960
Sturmey Archer AF, Close Ratio 4-speedSturmey ArcherAF 1935 - 1941
Sturmey Archer AG, Wide Ratio 3-speed DynohubSturmey ArcherAG 1930's - 1983
Sturmey Archer AM Medium Ratio 3-speedSturmey ArcherAM 1930's - ?
Sturmey Archer ASC 3 speed fixed hubSturmey ArcherASC 1930's - 1959
Sturmey Archer AWSturmey ArcherAW N/A
Sturmey Archer AW (ribbed case)Sturmey ArcherAW 1936 - 2000's
Sturmey Archer AW (smooth case)Sturmey ArcherAW 1936 - 2000's
Sturmey Archer FC, Close Ratio 4-speedSturmey ArcherFC 1930's - ?
Sturmey Archer FG (4-speed dyno)Sturmey ArcherFG 1950's - ?
Sturmey Archer FM Medium ratio 4-speedSturmey ArcherFM 1939 - ?
Sturmey Archer FW, Wide Range 4-speedSturmey ArcherFW 1930's - ?
Sturmey Archer Type KB-4Sturmey ArcherKB-4 Late 1930's - ?
Sturmey Archer KS5 3-speedSturmey ArcherKS5 1930's - ?
Sturmey Archer S2Sturmey ArcherS2 1966 - 1970's
Sturmey Archer S3C geared coaster hubSturmey ArcherS3C 1970 - 1988
Sturmey Archer SABSturmey ArcherSAB N/A
Sturmey Archer SW, Wide Ratio 3-speedSturmey ArcherSW 1950's - ?
Sturmey Archer TF 2 speed fixed/freewheelSturmey ArcherTF 1933 - 1942

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