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Simplex Super LJ A500 AV.326Front DerailleursAV.326 / SLJ A500Super LJ1973 - ?
Simplex Super LJ A 522Front DerailleursSLJ A 522Super LJMid 1980's
Simplex Super LJFront DerailleursSuper LJSuper LJN/A
Simplex Super LJ (2nd version? with front control arm)Front DerailleursSuper LJSuper LJMid 1970's - ?
Simplex Super LJ (2nd version? with rear control arm)Front DerailleursSuper LJSuper LJLate 1970's - ?
Simplex Super LJ 503 (triple; first version)Front DerailleursSuper LJ 503Super LJN/A
Simplex Super LJ 523 (triple)Front DerailleursSuper LJ 523Super LJMid 1980's
Simplex Super LJ 523 (triple; second version)Front DerailleursSuper LJ 523Super LJEarly 1980's
Simplex SLJ SX660, Super LJRear DerailleursSLJ SX660Super LJN/A
Simplex SLJ5000Rear DerailleursSLJ5000Super LJ1971 - 1978
Simplex SLJ5500 (version 1)Rear DerailleursSLJ5500Super LJ1979 - 1984
Simplex SLJ5500 GT (version 2)Rear DerailleursSLJ5500 GTSuper LJ1985 - 1990
Simplex SLJ6000Rear DerailleursSLJ6000 Super LJ1975 - 1981
Simplex SLJ6600 GT (long cage)Rear DerailleursSLJ6600Super LJ1980's
Simplex SLJ6600 T (version 1)Rear DerailleursSLJ6600 TSuper LJ1981 - 1983
Simplex (blue label), SLJSeat PostsSuper LJN/A
Simplex Ref. TS3640 (black & gold badge), SLJSeat PostsRef. TS3640Super LJLate 1960's - 1970's
Simplex SLJ 6164Seat PostsSLJ 6164 Super LJN/A
Simplex SLJ (1st type, single)ShiftersSLJ5005Super LJ1972 - 1973
Simplex SLJ (2nd type with nub on bottom of barrel, single)ShiftersSLJ5005Super LJ1973 - 1981
Simplex SLJ (1st type, double)ShiftersSLJ5007Super LJ1972 - 1973
Simplex SLJ (1st type, double, gold anodized)ShiftersSLJ5007Super LJ1972 - 1973
Simplex SLJ (2nd type with nub on bottom of barrel, double)ShiftersSLJ5007Super LJ1973 - 1981
Simplex SLJ (2nd type with nub on bottom of barrel, double, gold anodized)ShiftersSLJ5007Super LJ1973 - 1981
Simplex SLJ (3rd type, S logo on band)ShiftersSLJ5057Super LJ1981 - 1983
Simplex SLJ (4th type)ShiftersSLJ5057Super LJ1984 - 1985
Simplex SLJ (4th type, black anodized)ShiftersSLJ5057Super LJ1981 - 1983

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