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Zeus CriteriumBottom Brackets23100.00CriteriumMid 1970's - Mid 1980's
Zeus Criterium TrackBottom Brackets23130.00Criterium? - Mid 1980's
Zeus Ref.33, CriteriumBottom BracketsRef.33CriteriumN/A
Zeus CriteriumBrake LeversCriteriumCriteriumMid 1970's - Early 1980's
Zeus 2000Brake Leversref 70.1CriteriumN/A
Zeus CriteriumBrakesCriteriumCriteriumMid 1970's - Early 1980's
Zeus Criterium (triple)CranksetsCriteriumN/A
Zeus Criterium w/ "Ciclo-Cross" ChaingaurdCranksets13100.00CriteriumN/A
Zeus CriteriumCranksetsRef. 31 or 13100.00Criterium1970's
Zeus CriteriumFront Derailleurs22600.00CriteriumLate 1970's - Mid 1980's
Zeus Criterium (solid outer plate)Front DerailleursRef. 27CriteriumLate 1970's - Early 1980's
Zeus CriteriumHeadsetsCriterium1969 - Mid 1970's
Zeus CriteriumHubsCriterium1970's
Zeus CriteriumPedals24101.00CriteriumMid 1970's - Early 1980's
Zeus Criterium TrackPedals24103.00Criterium1970's - Early 1980's
Zeus Criterium (drilled pulley cage)Rear DerailleursCriteriumMid 1960's - 1970's
Zeus Criterium (later version, alloy parallelogram plates, alloy knuckles)Rear DerailleursCriteriumN/A
Zeus Criterium (later version, alloy parallelogram plates, steel knuckles)Rear DerailleursCriteriumMid 1970's - 1980's
Zeus Criterium (later version, alloy parallelogram plates, steel knuckles, drilled pulley cage)Rear DerailleursCriteriumN/A
Zeus Criterium 69Rear Derailleurs22100.00CriteriumMid 1960's - 1970's
Zeus New RacerSeat PostsRef. 25300CriteriumEarly 1980's - ?
Zeus Criterium (Micro Fluted)Seat PostsRef. 51CriteriumLate 1970's - Early 1980's
Zeus Single LeverShiftersCriterium1970's
Zeus Gran SportShifters21200.00Criterium1970's

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