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Bottom Brackets
Shimano BB-7200, Dura-Ace EXShimanoBB-7200Dura-Ace EX1978 - Early 1980's
Shimano BB-7200 (NJS) Dura-Ace EX for DynaDrive CranksetShimanoBB-7200 (NJS)Dura-Ace EX1980's
Brake Levers
Shimano BL-7200, Dura-Ace EXShimanoBL-7200Dura-Ace EX1978 - 1984
Shimano MA-200, Dura-Ace EXShimanoMA-200Dura-Ace EX1979 - 1980
Shimano BA-220 (CS-57)ShimanoBA-220Dura-Ace EX1978 - 1980
Shimano BR-7200, Dura-Ace EXShimanoBR-7200Dura-Ace EX1978 - 1984
Shimano BR-7210, Dura-Ace EXShimanoBR-7210Dura-Ace EX1982
Shimano Dura-Ace EXShimanoFH-7260Dura-Ace EX1978 - 1983
Shimano CN-7100, Dura-Ace (Uniglide)ShimanoCN-7100Dura-Ace EXEarly 1980's - Mid 1980's
Shimano Dura-Ace EXShimanoDura-Ace EX1979
Shimano FC-7110, Dura-AceShimanoFC-7110Dura-Ace EX1982 - 1984
Shimano FC-7200, Dura-Ace EXShimanoFC-7200Dura-Ace EX1980 - 1984
Shimano GA-300, Dura-Ace EXShimanoGA-300Dura-Ace EX1978 - 1980
Front Derailleurs
Shimano EA-200, Dura-Ace EXShimanoEA-200Dura-Ace EX1978
Shimano FD-7200, Dura-Ace EX (clamp)ShimanoFD-7200Dura-Ace EX1978 - 1984
Shimano FD-7210, Dura-Ace EX (Braze-tab)ShimanoFD-7210Dura-Ace EX1978 - 1984
Shimano HP-7200, Dura-Ace EXShimanoHP-7200Dura-Ace EX1978 - 1984
Shimano HP-7200, Dura-Ace EXShimanoHP-7200Dura-Ace EX1980 - 1984
Shimano FH-7250, Dura-Ace EXShimanoFH-7250Dura-Ace EXLate 1970's - Mid 1980's
Shimano FH-7260, Dura-Ace EXShimanoFH-7260Dura-Ace EXEarly 1980's - Mid 1980's
Shimano FH-7271, Dura-Ace EXShimanoFH-7271Dura-Ace EX1982
Shimano HF-7261, Dura-Ace EXShimanoHF-7261Dura-Ace EX1981 - ?
Shimano PD-7200, Dura-Ace EXShimanoPD-7200Dura-Ace EX1980 - 1984
Shimano PD-7200, Dura-Ace EX (Late version)ShimanoPD-7200Dura-Ace EX1980 - 1984
Rear Derailleurs
Shimano Dura-Ace EX - Last versionShimanoRD-72??Dura-Ace EX1984 - 1985
Shimano RD-7200, Dura-Ace EXShimanoRD-7200Dura-Ace EX1978 - 1984
Seat Posts
Shimano SP-7200, Dura-Ace EXShimanoSP-7200Dura-Ace EX1981 - 1984
Shimano SL-7200, Dura-Ace EXShimanoSL-7200Dura-Ace EX1978 - 1984
Shimano SL-7210, Dura-Ace EX (Brazed-on A type)ShimanoSL-7210Dura-Ace EX1980 - Early 1980's
Shimano SL-7220, Dura-Ace EX (Brazed-on B type)ShimanoSL-7220Dura-Ace EX1980 - Early 1980's
Small Parts & Accessories
Shimano Dura-Ace EX StickerShimanoDura-Ace EXEarly 1980's - Mid 1980's
Shimano HS-7200, Dura-Ace EXShimanoHS-7200Dura-Ace EXEarly 1980's

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