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3tttBrake Levers N/A
A Lambert & F. Cagnon
GloriaBrake LeversGloria 1952 - ?
AltenburgerBrake Levers N/A
Altenburger (black button)Brake Levers N/A
Altenburger (finger grooved)Brake Levers N/A
Altenburger (red button, plastic body)Brake Levers N/A
Altenburger (red button, version 1)Brake Levers N/A
Altenburger (red button, version 2)Brake Levers N/A
Altenburger (red button, version 2, with safety lever)Brake Levers N/A
Altenburger (straight lever)Brake Levers N/A
Altenburger 126S (straight lever)Brake Levers N/A
AmbrosioBrake Levers N/A
Arai (non-aero)Brake Levers N/A
AtomBrake Levers N/A
Balilla (Galli Giovanni)
Balilla (Galli Giovanni)Brake Levers N/A
Balilla (Galli Giovanni) Tipo 62Brake LeversTipo 62 Early 1960's - ?
BertolaBrake Levers N/A
Campagnolo Corsa RecordBrake Levers 1980's - ?
Campagnolo 1040/1A, Nuovo Gran SportBrake Levers1040/1A(Nuovo) Gran SportMid 1970's - 1984
Campagnolo 50th AnniversaryBrake Levers50th Anniversary1983
Campagnolo BL-02AT CG, AthenaBrake LeversBL-02AT CGAthena1988 - Mid 1990's
Campagnolo C-RecordBrake LeversC-RecordMid 1980's - ?
Campagnolo Corsa Record (Pantographed)Brake LeversC-RecordMid 1980's - ?
Campagnolo Corsa Record (with 'Power Grade')Brake LeversC-RecordMid 1980's - ?
Campagnolo Q05C-DX/SX, Centaur (Compact Lever)Brake LeversQ05C-DX/SXCentaur1990
Campagnolo Q05E-DX/SX, Centaur (Biofitting Lever)Brake LeversQ05E-DX/SXCentaur1990
Campagnolo Centaur, CentaurBrake LeversQ500Centaur1989 - 1993
Campagnolo Centaur, CentaurBrake LeversQ500Centaur1989 - 1993
Campagnolo Q500, Centaur (Standard Lever)Brake LeversQ500Centaur1990
Campagnolo ChorusBrake LeversChorusLate 1980's - 1992
Campagnolo Chorus (1993)Brake LeversChorus1993 - ?
Campagnolo Chorus (Graphite finish)Brake LeversChorusLate 1980's - 1992
Campagnolo Croce d' AuneBrake LeversA054Croce d' Aune1987 - 1989
Campagnolo Euclid (later version)Brake LeversEuclidLate 1980's - Early 1990's
Campagnolo EuclidBrake LeversM500Euclid1989 - 1991
Campagnolo 2030, Nuovo RecordBrake Levers2030Nuovo Record1967 - 1984
Campagnolo OlympusBrake LeversOlympusEarly 1990's - ?
Campagnolo 2030, Record - First TypeBrake Levers2030Record1968 - ?
Campagnolo RecordBrake LeversBL-02RERecord1994 - ?
Campagnolo 4062, Super Record (long reach?)Brake Levers4062Super Record1975 - 1977
Campagnolo 4062, Super Record post-'83 (hoods w/ shield logo)Brake Levers4062Super Record1983 - 1987
Campagnolo 4062, Super Record pre-'83 (hoods w/ world/globe logo)Brake Levers4062Super RecordEarly 1970's - 1983
Campagnolo TriompheBrake LeversTriomphe1984 - 1987
Campagnolo VeloceBrake LeversVeloceVeloce1993 - 1996
Campagnolo VictoryBrake Levers0104020Victory1984 - 1987
Campagnolo XenonBrake LeversXenon1990 - 1992
CampagnucciBrake Levers N/A
CompagnucciBrake LeversBREV. 507/79 Early 1980's - ?
CLB (aero)Brake Levers Mid 1980's - ?
CLB (inverse; handlebar clamp)Brake Levers N/A

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