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Arrigo Imperforabile SetaTiresImperforabile Seta N/A
Arrigo MondialeTiresMondiale Mid 1970's - ?
Avocet FasGrip Criterium 20TiresFasGrip Criterium 20 N/A
Avocet FasGrip Criterium K20TiresFasGrip Criterium K20 N/A
Avocet FasGrip Criterium TubularTiresFasGrip Criterium Tubular Late 1980's - ?
Avocet FasGrip Time Trial 30TiresFasGrip Time Trial 30 N/A
Avocet FasGrip Time Trial K20TiresFasGrip Time Trial K20 N/A
Barum RacingTires N/A
Barum G10 - PBWTiresG10 ? - Early 1990's
Barum G10 SpecialTiresG10 Special N/A
Barum G9 SpecialTiresG9 Special N/A
Barum KriterniTiresKriterni 1989 - ?
Clement 190Tires190 1980's - ?
Clement 48Tires48 1970's
Clement 50Tires50 N/A
Clement 6 GiorniTires6 Giorni N/A
Clement 70Tires70 N/A
Clement 8Tires8 N/A
Clement Seta 9Tires9 N/A
Clement CampestreTiresCampestre N/A
Clement Campionato del Mondo SetaTiresCampionato del Mondo Seta N/A
Clement Campionissimo Seta ExtraTiresCampionissimo Seta Extra 1980's - Early 1990's
Clement Campionissimo Seta Extra Servizio CourseTiresCampionissimo Seta Extra Servizio Course N/A
Clement CF 2001TiresCF 2001 1970's - 1980's
Clement CF 2001/TTiresCF 2001/T 1980's
Clement ClementexTiresClementex Late 1970's - 1980's
Clement ColnagoTiresColnago N/A
Clement CorollaTiresCorolla N/A
Clement CriteriumTiresCriterium 1975 - 1980
Clement Criterium Colle MainTiresCriterium Colle Main N/A
Clement Criterium Servizio CourseTiresCriterium Servizio Course N/A
Clement Criterium SetaTiresCriterium Seta 1970's - 1986
Clement Criterium Seta Colle MainTiresCriterium Seta Colle Main N/A
Clement Criterium Seta Servizio CourseTiresCriterium Seta Servizio Course N/A
Clement Criterium Super SpecialTiresCriterium Super Special N/A
Clement ElveziaTiresElvezia 1970's
Clement FolgoreTiresFolgore N/A
Clement FuturoxTiresFuturox N/A
Clement Gran Sport 65TiresGran Sport 65 N/A
Clement GrifoTiresGrifo N/A
Clement Grifo 61TiresGrifo 61 N/A
Clement Grifo NeveTiresGrifo Neve Early 1970's - Mid 1980's
Clement Mirage Servizio CourseTiresMirage Servizio Course N/A
Clement Normale ButylTiresNormale Butyl N/A
Clement Nuovo Super Seta ExtraTiresNuovo Super Seta Extra N/A
Clement Paris - RoubaixTiresParis - Roubaix N/A
Clement Paris - Roubaix SetaTiresParis - Roubaix Seta  N/A
Clement Paris - Roubaix Seta Colle MainTiresParis - Roubaix Seta Colle Main N/A
Clement PistardTiresPistard N/A
Clement Record Seta ExtraTiresRecord Seta Extra N/A

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