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Air Pump
Campagnolo #1030/2 Plated Brass Pump Head for Silca PumpsCampagnoloItaly1950s-1970s and later
Campagnolo #1030 Steel Pump Head for English PumpsCampagnoloItaly1950s-1970s and later
Campagnolo 3346 Superleggeri Plastic Pump Head for Silca PumpsCampagnoloItaly1970s and later
Alignment Tool
Campagnolo Dropout Alignment Tool SetCampagnoloItaly1970s and later
Campagnolo #736 Saddle Line Alignment ToolCampagnoloItaly1960's -
Campagnolo #R Dropout Hanger Alignment ToolCampagnoloItaly
Campagnolo 727 Alignment ToolCampagnoloItaly1958
Campagnolo 727 Alignment ToolCampagnoloItaly
Bottom Bracket Tool
Campagnolo #793/a Bottom Bracket Fixed Cup Removal Tool SetCampagnoloItaly1970s and later
Campagnolo #713 Super Record BB fixed cup toolCampagnoloItaly
Campagnolo #712/1 BB Adjusting Cup ToolCampagnoloItaly1970&80
Campagnolo #712 Bottom Bracket Lockring ToolCampagnoloItaly1970/80
Chain Whip
Campagnolo Chain Whip #1130010CampagnoloItaly
Complete Toolset
Campagnolo Freewheel ToolkitCampagnoloItaly
Campagnolo Complete Mechanics Toolset #3380CampagnoloItaly1970s and later
Campagnolo #3381 Reduced Tool CaseCampagnoloItaly1970's -
Cone Wrench Set
Campagnolo 13/14mm Cone WrenchCampagnoloItaly
Campagnolo 15 /16mm Cone SpannersCampagnoloItaly1970's on
crank bolt wrench
Campagnolo #769 Cotterless Crank Bolt WrenchCampagnoloItaly1960s and later
Crank Puller
Campagnolo 1130015 Self Extracting Crank Bolt Removal ToolCampagnoloItaly
Campagnolo #770 Cotterless Crank PullerCampagnoloItaly1960s and later
Campagnolo C-Record crank arm removerCampagnoloItalylate 1980's - 1990's
Dust cap remover
Campagnolo 50th Anniversary crank bolt dust cap removerCampagnoloItaly1983
Facing Mill
Campagnolo #725 Bottom Bracket Face CutterCampagnoloItaly1960's - 1980's
Campagnolo #7185003 BB shell facing millCampagnoloItaly
Frame tool
Campagnolo Derailleur Alignment ToolCampagnoloItaly
Freewheel Removal Tool
Campagnolo #704 freewheel removerCampagnoloItaly1950's -
Headset Tool
Campagnolo 712/3 Headset Spacing ToolCampagnoloItaly
Campagnolo #729 Fork Crown Race RemoverCampagnoloItalyLate 60's -
Campagnolo #732 Fork crown jigCampagnoloItaly
Campagnolo #1103010CampagnoloItaly1980's
Campagnolo #722 Headset Cup Punch, #723 Headset Cup RemoverCampagnoloItaly1970's-
Campagnolo #7130033 Headset SpannerCampagnoloItaly
Campagnolo #772 Headset Pin SpannerCampagnoloItaly1960's -
Campagnolo Special Grease (early tin)CampagnoloItaly1960's
Campagnolo Special Grease (old tin) LubricantsCampagnoloItaly
Campagnolo Kristal SR-7CampagnoloItaly
Campagnolo Special Grease 10-NCampagnoloItaly1980's
Campagnolo Special GreaseCampagnoloItaly1970's
Campagnolo GRASSO-02-ZPT Grease TubeCampagnoloItaly1980's-1990's
Campagnolo #719CampagnoloItaly
Pedal Tool
Campagnolo #7130007 Pedal SpannerCampagnoloItaly
Campagnolo #713 Pedal Wrench / Campagnolo BB Fixed Cup RemoverCampagnoloItaly1970s and later
Campagnolo Hub Dust Cap Remover / Puller (C-Record)CampagnoloItalyMid-late 80's - 1990's
Campagnolo 7130021 Pedal Dust cap wrenchCampagnoloItaly1990's
Campagnolo 7130023 Pedal Cone ToolCampagnoloItaly1990's
Campagnolo #1101 Pedal Spanner - 15-16-17mmCampagnoloItaly1960s and later
Campagnolo #710 Splined Pedal Dustcap ToolCampagnoloItaly60's - 70's
Promotional Item
Campagnolo "Big" corkscrewCampagnoloItaly1966 - til now
Campagnolo 2025 Special Brake SpannerCampagnoloItaly
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