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Air Pump
Pompa officina\Workshop pump Other/UnknownItaly'30\'40
Gonfiatore\Gonfleur\Inflator per VisconteaOther/UnknownItaly'40
Chain Whip
Unknown brand chain whipOther/UnknownItaly1977
Freewheel Removal Tool
Smonta ruota libera singola\Remove single freewheel Other/UnknownItaly'70
Smonta ruota libera singola\Remove single freewheel Other/UnknownItaly'50\'60
adjustable reamerOther/UnknownItaly
Spoke Wrench
Verma Chrom Vanadium Spoke WrenchOther/UnknownItaly1970's
Wheel Tool
Tire Iron (also known as "tire levers").Other/UnknownItaly
Other/Unknown Legnano bike tool Multi-Size Bolt WrenchOther/UnknownItaly1960s on

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