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Model NameBrandCategoryYearsIncludes
Cycles Wolber Wolber SportCycles WolberRoad RaceN/AFrame Example
furrer sportfurrerRoad RaceN/A
Kirkpatrick Macmillan woodenKirkpatrick MacmillanOtherN/AFrame Example
ABENI Custom road raceABENIRoad RaceEarly 1980's - CurrentFrame ExampleFrame Details
Beasley time trialBeasleyRoad RaceN/AFrame ExampleFrame Details
Cecil Walker (Road Sport)Cecil WalkerOther1980'sFrame Example
Europa Tri-SEuropaRoad RaceN/AFrame ExampleFrame Details
Madison LC27MadisonOtherN/AFrame ExampleFrame Details
Mastersport CyclesMastersportOtherN/AFrame ExampleFrame Details
Oxford internationalOxfordRoad TouringN/AFrame ExampleFrame Details
Repco CambridgeRepcoOtherN/AFrame ExampleFrame DetailsFrame Build
Speedwell (Track Fixed Gear)SpeedwellTrack Fixed GearN/AFrame ExampleFrame Details
Fucot TrackFucotTrack Fixed GearLate 1970's - Early 1980'sFrame ExampleFrame Details
KTM Strada RXKTMRoad RaceN/AFrame ExampleFrame Details
Puch Super-SprintPuchOther1970'sFrame ExampleFrame Details
Puch INTER 10PuchRoad Race1977 - 1981Frame ExampleFrame Details
Puch Royal XPuchRoad RaceEarly 1970's - Early 1980'sFrame ExampleFrame Details
Puch Mistral ELPuchRoad Sport1980'sFrame ExampleFrame Details
Puch BergmeisterPuchRoad Touring1964 - ?Frame ExampleFrame DetailsFrame Build
Diamant CyclocrossDiamantCyclocross1980'sFrame ExampleFrame Details
Eddy Merckx Corsa ExtraEddy MerckxRoad Race1980'sFrame ExamplesFrame Details
Eddy Merckx MX-LeaderEddy MerckxRoad Race1990'sFrame Example
Eddy Merckx ProfessionalEddy MerckxRoad Race1980'sFrame ExampleFrame Details
Eddy Merckx Super PrestigeEddy MerckxRoad Race1974 - ?Frame ExampleFrame Details
Eddy Merckx Hotta TT700Eddy MerckxTime-TrialMid 1990's - Late 1990'sFrame ExampleFrame Details
Flandria (Road Race)FlandriaRoad Race1950's - 1970'sFrame ExampleFrame Details
Giacomelli Team ViperGiacomelliRoad RaceLate 1980's - ?Frame ExampleFrame Details
Giacomelli ViperGiacomelliRoad RaceLate 1980's - Early 1990'sFrame ExamplesFrame Details
Groene Leeuw Maes Pils Rocado repGroene LeeuwRoad RaceMid 1970'sFrame ExampleFrame Details
les Cycles Lea mixteles Cycles LeaOtherEarly 1950's - Late 1980'sFrame ExampleFrame Details
les Cycles Lea Routeles Cycles LeaRoad RaceEarly 1960's - Late 00'sFrame ExampleFrame Details
Marcel Kint (Road Race)Marcel KintRoad Race1960's - 1970'sFrame ExampleFrame Details
Plume Sport (Road Race)Plume SportRoad Race1930 - 1990Frame ExampleFrame Details
Uberto H. DemilUbertoRoad RaceMid 1970's - Mid 1980'sFrame ExamplesFrame DetailsFrame Build
Cyclops (Mulholland) (Road Race)Cyclops (Mulholland)Road Race1983 - 2005Frame Example
Desmarais SpecialDesmaraisRoad RaceMid 1980's - Early 1990'sFrame ExampleFrame Details
Marinoni 1974 model!MarinoniRoad RaceN/AFrame Example
Marinoni Aero SpecialMarinoniRoad RaceN/AFrame ExampleFrame Details
Marinoni Custom madeMarinoniRoad RaceN/AFrame Example
Speedwell StreakSpeedwellRoad TouringN/AFrame ExampleFrame Details
Favorit F-12FavoritRoad Sport1950's - 1980'sFrame ExampleFrame Details
East Germany/GDR
MIFA (Other)MIFAOtherEarly 1980's - Mid 1980'sFrame ExampleFrame Details
Bates of London BARBates of LondonRoad Race1936 - ?Frame ExampleFrame Details
Bates of London VegrandisBates of LondonRoad Race1936 - CurrentFrame Examples
Bob Jackson CriteriumBob JacksonRoad RaceEarly 1970's - ?Frame ExampleFrame Details
Bob Jackson (Road Sport)Bob JacksonRoad SportN/AFrame ExampleFrame Details
Bob Jackson Gran PrixBob JacksonRoad SportLate 1980's - ?Frame ExamplesFrame DetailsFrame Build
BSA StreamlightBSAEnglish 3-speedEarly 1950's - Early 1960'sFrame ExampleFrame DetailsFrame Build
BSA Airborne BicycleBSAOtherN/AFrame Example
Claud Butler MajesticClaud ButlerRoad Sport1977 - 1985Frame ExampleFrame Details

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