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Country:FrancePrimary Focus:Bicycle Frames
Years of Operation:1882 - Current
General Information
 Peugeot started as a manufacturing business as early as the 1700's, making items such as coffee, pepper and salt grinders before moving on bicycles and later cars.  Their bicycle manufacturing was kicked off around 1882 with the introduction of the "Brand Bi", a penny-farthing bicycle.  Peugeot's company website has a good write up of their bicycle history on their website.


Frame Models
ModelCategoryProducedSold AsExamples
Peugeot Cannonball ExpressMountain BikeLate 1980'sComplete Bicycle1
Peugeot ChorusRoad Race1988 - 1989Complete Bicycle1
Peugeot CometeRoad RaceLate 1980'sComplete Bicycle1
Peugeot PA-10Road RaceEarly 1960's - Late 1970'sComplete Bicycle, Bare Frameset1
Peugeot PX10LERoad Race1977 - 1978Complete Bicycle1
Peugeot PY10 SRoad Race1981Complete Bicycle, Bare Frameset1
Peugeot TriathlonRoad Race1986 - 1987Complete Bicycle1
Peugeot PB14Road SportLate 1980's - Early 1990'sComplete Bicycle1
Peugeot PR10Road SportLate 1960's - Early 1980'sUnknown1
Peugeot PS10Road Sport1977 - 1980Complete Bicycle1
Peugeot PX50Road Touring1966 - 1969Complete Bicycle2
Peugeot TouraineRoad Touring1989 - ?Complete Bicycle1
Frame Serial Numbers(click to expand)
Serial NumberFrame DetailYearAdded By
73307Peugeot PX10 EEarly 1870'sKingOfTheBroomWagon

Peugeot PX10 E

Imported from France to England in 2015, this example sports decals linking it to a shop in Reims called 'Deubelbeis' (at least, I think that's what it says - being written in script!) of 133 Avenue Jean Jaurés. The seat tube measures 54.5cm CTC and it's very nicely preserved with good original paint and undamaged chrome under the original lacquer. The frame’s lugs are of the 'fancy' Nervex type, which are picked out in black at the headtube, but left white elsewhere. There are only two small braze-ons - the first a tiny shifter stop under the downtube and the other a single cable stop atop the chainstay. The serial number seems to disprove the theory that '60s PX10s had six figure serial numbers and ‘70s examples 7 figure ones; As this one has a 5 figure number starting '73... So combining this (possibly incidental number) with the components used, I've narrowed the bike down to between 1970 & '73 on the following evidence: The rear Simplex Criterium AR637 derailleur is stamped 1 (January) '70, which fits with reports of this version only being made between '69 & '71 (this example lacks the red pivot tops and silver face of the post ’71 version, but equally might have sat on a shelf for a year or two…) Likewise the original Simplex Super Competition front derailleur would broadly fit into this timespan (although pre-1972 PX 10s usually seem to have a pushrod Simplex front derailleur?) Note, I'm currently running an early Simplex Super LJ in it's place, as the original has a cracked Delrin derailleur band. Anyway, other dating evidence includes the 531 decal being positioned towards the top of the seat tube (rather than the downtube) which (according to the Cycles Peugeot website) indicates manufacture in or before 1973 and an overall decal set that (judging by other examples online) seems to stretch from around 1971 to 74 - by which time the fancy black lugs appear to change to plain white ones. However it's also worth noting that any removable component ‘could’ easily have been swapped out before I got the bike, so I’m reluctant to set a date based on any one individual item. Thus the date is a best guess - so 1973. Oh, and as for the E designation, the consensus online is that this refers to the more upright/fast handling variant of the PX family. Well it's certainly both of those, so with that in mind and having studied a lot of pictures, I'm as convinced as I can be that it’s an E.

8065923Peugeot PS10 (Early 1970's - Late 1970's)Early 1970'szidortri
7011192Peugeot PX10LE (1977 - 1978)1977simplex56
70619492Peugeot Comete (1987)1987JFischer
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