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 As it stands, this group appears to have come in two forms: "LP" and "Pro". The "LP" form appears to relate to mountain bicycle components and the "Pro" form to more road orientated components, such as parts for touring bicycles. Both forms appear to have had double and triple chainsets. For a short while, the "LP" form was popular with recumbent riders, with ( still supplying LP double chainsets in 2011. What LP stood for is anyone's guess (possibly "Low Profile") as Ofmega's naming regime could be interesting sometimes.

The "Alpine" name was probably to bring Ofmega components into line with a Suntour groupset (derivitaives of the earlier AG (Alpine Gear) groupset) and the MKM-made "Alpine" branded frames sold in the USA. This is only an assertion, with little or no evidence but the "Alpine" nomenclature seems to have been very common in the late 1990s.

The earliest models of the Alpine LP cranks that I have seen were from 1997 and the most recent were from 2002, suggesting that they were amongst the last ranges that Ofmega produced, if indeed they are no more. 

CranksetsOfmega Alpine LP1997 - ?06/18/11
HubsOfmega Alpine LP (high flange)1997 - ?01/23/12
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