SunTour AccuShift
Short Name:SunTour AccuShiftYear Introduced:1988
Speed Range:6sp - 8 spIndexed Component:Shifter
General Information
SunTour Accushift is different than the Shimano SIS system in that it has a built in over shift in the shifter which moves the chain 1mm beyond the centerline of the cog to complete the shift, and then moves the guide pulley back to center the chain after the shift is completed.  SunTour's rear derailleur also has little to no play in the guide pulley which forces the chain to be positioned directly under each freewheel cog, but this makes for less tolerance for being out of adjustment. 
Shifting System Component Variations
NameCategoryGearingYear Introduced
6sp SunTour AccuShiftShifters6sp1988
7sp SunTour AccuShiftShifters7sp1988
8sp SunTour AccuShiftShifters8sp1992
SunTour AccuShiftRear DerailleursN/A1988
    Notes: It is best to pair SunTour Accushift derailleurs to their similar named Shifters to ensure best results.
Component List
Generally in Indexed systems, either the shifting or the derailleur component contains the indexing logic. Here is a list of components currently on which utilize the SunTour AccuShift shifting mechanism.
Component NameModelGroupCompatibility
SunTour6sp SunTour AccuShift
Suntour (Edge?)Edge7sp SunTour AccuShift; Friction; Retro-Friction
SunTour a-3000a-3000 (Alpha-3000)6sp SunTour AccuShift; Friction
SunTour AX-5000AX-50006sp SunTour AccuShift; Friction
SunTour Command (6 & 7 Speed)SL-CD006sp SunTour AccuShift; 7sp SunTour AccuShift; Friction
SunTour Command (7 & 8 Speed)SL-CD017sp SunTour AccuShift; 8sp SunTour AccuShift; Friction
SunTour Cyclone 5000/7000/9000SL-CL10-BCyclone 70006sp SunTour AccuShift; Friction
SunTour LS-OL00-BS/CC, OleLS-OL00-BS/CCOle7sp SunTour AccuShift; Friction
SunTour Quattro7sp SunTour AccuShift
SunTour RadiusSL-RA00-BRadius6sp SunTour AccuShift; 7sp SunTour AccuShift; Friction
SunTour SL-3040-BS/CS, BlazeSL-3040-BS/CSBlaze6sp SunTour AccuShift
SunTour SL-4050, EdgeSL-4050Edge6sp SunTour AccuShift; Friction
SunTour SL-BC00 Bar Con (SL-BC01-R6 / SL-BC01-L)Bar Con SL-BC006sp SunTour AccuShift; 7sp SunTour AccuShift; Friction
SunTour SL-CL20, Cyclone 7000 (White)SL-CL20Cyclone 70006sp SunTour AccuShift
SunTour SL-GP00-B, GPXSL-GP00-BGPX6sp SunTour AccuShift; 7sp SunTour AccuShift; Friction; Retro-Friction
SunTour SL-GP00-C, GPXSL-GP00-CGPX6sp SunTour AccuShift; 7sp SunTour AccuShift; Friction; Retro-Friction
SunTour SL-IP00-B, Sprint / Cyclone / Superbe ProSL-IP00-BSprint 90006sp SunTour AccuShift; 7sp SunTour AccuShift; Friction
SunTour SL-SL00-B, SLSL-SL00-BSL6sp SunTour AccuShift; 7sp SunTour AccuShift; 8sp SunTour AccuShift; Friction
SunTour SL-XC00-R7U, XC 9000SL-XC00-R7UXC 90007sp SunTour AccuShift
SunTour SL-XD00, XCD 6000 (Thumb Shifter)SL-XD00XCD 60006sp SunTour AccuShift; 7sp SunTour AccuShift
SunTour SL-XL00-R7,L, XC LTDSL-XL00-R7,LXC LTD7sp SunTour AccuShift
Suntour SL-XP01Suntour SL-XP017sp SunTour AccuShift; 8sp SunTour AccuShift
SunTour SL-XP10-R7/L, XC ProSL-XP10-R7/LXC Pro7sp SunTour AccuShift
SunTour SL-XP20, XC ProSL-XP20XC Pro7sp SunTour AccuShift
SunTour ST-ES01, XC ProST-ES01XC Pro7sp SunTour AccuShift; 8sp SunTour AccuShift
SunTour Superbe Pro (6, 7 index)SL-SB01-BSuperbe Pro6sp SunTour AccuShift; 7sp SunTour AccuShift; Friction; Retro-Friction
SunTour Superbe Pro (7, 8 index)SL-SB02-BSuperbe Pro7sp SunTour AccuShift; 8sp SunTour AccuShift; Friction; Retro-Friction
SunTour Wishbone SL-XM20-7SL-XM20-77sp SunTour AccuShift
SunTour X-1 - thumb styleX-1 Chroma7sp SunTour AccuShift
SunTour X-1 - trigger styleX-pressX-17sp SunTour AccuShift
SunTour X-Press, XCD 6000SL-PP10XCD 60007sp SunTour AccuShift
SunTour XC ExpertSL-XX00XCE7sp SunTour AccuShift; 8sp SunTour AccuShift; Friction
SunTour XC ProSL-XP00XC Pro7sp SunTour AccuShift; Friction
Rear Derailleurs
SunTour Accushift alpha-2000RD-2000SunTour AccuShift; Friction
SunTour Accushift alpha-4050RD-40504050SunTour AccuShift; Friction
SunTour Accushift alpha-4050RD-3040-SSAlpha 3040SunTour AccuShift; Friction
SunTour Accushift Edge (4050, Accushift Plus)RD-ED45-SSBEdgeSunTour AccuShift; Friction
SunTour alpha-3000 SSRD-3000SSSunTour AccuShift; Friction
SunTour alpha-5000RD-5000-SSAlpha 5000SunTour AccuShift; Friction
SunTour alpha-5000RD-5000-GTAlpha 5000SunTour AccuShift; Friction
SunTour aRX (long cage)RD-4500ARxSunTour AccuShift
SunTour CheckerCheckerSunTour AccuShift; Friction
SunTour Cyclone 7000RD-CL10-SSCyclone 7000SunTour AccuShift; Friction
SunTour Cyclone 7000 (White)RD-CL10-SSCyclone 7000SunTour AccuShift; Friction
SunTour Love (version 2)RD-LV00SunTour AccuShift
SunTour OleRD-OL00-SSBOleSunTour AccuShift; Friction
SunTour RadiusRD-RA00RadiusSunTour AccuShift; Friction
SunTour RD-BE02-SSB, BlazeRD-BE02-SSBBlazeSunTour AccuShift; Friction
SunTour RD-XC00, XC 9000RD-XC00XC 9000SunTour AccuShift
SunTour RD-XC10-GXB, XC 9010RD-XC10-GXXC 9000SunTour AccuShift
SunTour RD-XC10-SSB, XC 9010RD-XC10-SSBXC 9000SunTour AccuShift
SunTour SLRD-SL00-SSBSLSunTour AccuShift; Friction
SunTour Sprint 9000 (Indexed)RD-SP10-SSBSprint 9000SunTour AccuShift; Friction
SunTour Superbe ProRD-SB00-SS8Superbe ProSunTour AccuShift; Friction
SunTour VX AccushiftRD-VX00-SSBSunTour AccuShift; Friction
SunTour X-1RD-X100X-1SunTour AccuShift; Friction
SunTour X-1 ChromaCR00-GXBX-1 ChromaSunTour AccuShift
SunTour XC CompRD-XC01-GXBXC CompSunTour AccuShift; Friction
SunTour XC Expert MDRD-XX00-GTBXCESunTour AccuShift; Friction
SunTour XC LTDRD-XL00-GHXXC LTDSunTour AccuShift; Friction
SunTour XC ProRD-XP00XC ProSunTour AccuShift; Friction
SunTour XC Pro "MD" SS TypeRD-XP00-SSBXC ProSunTour AccuShift; Friction
SunTour XC Pro GXRD-XP00-GXBXC ProSunTour AccuShift; Friction
SunTour XC Sport 7000RD-XS00XC Sport 7000SunTour AccuShift; Friction
SunTour XC-Master (1991)RD-XM01-GXBXCMSunTour AccuShift
SunTour XCD 6000 (1990)RD-XD00XCD 6000SunTour AccuShift
SunTour XCD 6000 Rear DerailleurRD-XD00-GXXCD 6000SunTour AccuShift
SunTour XCEXCESunTour AccuShift; Friction
SunTour XCMRD-XM00XCMSunTour AccuShift
SunTour XCM Accushift 3040RD-XM34XCMSunTour AccuShift; Friction
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