Shimano Index System (SIS)
Short Name:Shimano SISYear Introduced:1986
Speed Range:6sp - 10spIndexed Component:Shifter
General Information
After being introduced in the Dura-Ace line, Shimano's SIS shifting system was altered when it was introduced into the 600EX product. Like with the Campagnolo Syncro system, the original design had too short of a cable pull per shift. This new SIS ratio allowed for more tollerance of friction and dirt in the shifting system. However shimano decided not to change the Dura-Ace system until 1997 when 9sp was introduced. This created an incompatiblity between Dura-Ace and other SIS systems. 
Shifting System Component Variations
NameCategoryGearingYear Introduced
6sp Shimano SISShifters6sp1986
7sp Shimano SISShifters7sp1988
8sp Shimano SISShifters8sp1992
Shimano SISRear DerailleursN/A1986
    Notes: SIS and STI shifting systems utilize the same cable pull ratios.
Component List
Generally in Indexed systems, either the shifting or the derailleur component contains the indexing logic. Here is a list of components currently on which utilize the Shimano Index System (SIS) shifting mechanism.
Component NameModelGroupCompatibility
Shimano #6439807 B-type shifter adapter, 600EX6439807600 Ultegra6sp Shimano SIS; 7sp Shimano SIS; 8sp Shimano SIS; 6sp Dura-Ace SIS; 7sp Dura-Ace SIS; 8sp Dura-Ace SIS; Friction
Shimano SL-1050, 105 (6sp)SL-1050105 1050 Series6sp Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano SL-1051, 105 (7sp)SL-1051105 1050 Series7sp Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano SL-1055, 105SC (7sp)SL-1055105SC7sp Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano SL-1055-BCAI, 105SC (7sp)SL-1055-BCAI105SC7sp Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano SL-1056, 105SC (8sp)SL-1056105SC8sp Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano SL-5000, SanteSL-5000Sante7sp Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano SL-6208, 600EXSL-6208600EX6sp Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano SL-6400, 600 Ultegra (7sp)SL-6400600 Ultegra7sp Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano SL-6401, 600 Ultegra (8sp)SL-6401600 Ultegra8sp Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano SL-A250, Exage MotionSL-A250Exage Motion7sp Shimano SIS
Shimano SL-A351, Exage ActionSL-A351Exage Action6sp Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano SL-A400, Exage 300EX - 7sp SISSL-A400Exage 300EX7sp Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano SL-A410, RSXSL-A410RSX7sp Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano SL-A450, Exage SportSL-A450Exage Sport6sp Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano SL-A451, Exage SportSL-A451-FCAlExage Sport6sp Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano SL-A453, Sport LXSL-A453-FCAlSport LX7sp Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano SL-A500, Exage 500EXSL-A500Exage 500EX7sp Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano SL-A550, RX100SL-A550RX1007sp Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano SL-BS50, 600 UltegraSL-BS50600 Ultegra6sp Shimano SIS; 7sp Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano SL-M453 Mountain-LXSL-M453 mountain-LX7sp Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano SL-M730, Deore XT M730SL-M730Deore XT M7306sp Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano SL-M732, Deore XT M730SL-M732Deore XT M732 7sp Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano SL-MC38, STX RCSL-MC38STX RC8sp Shimano SIS
Shimano SL-MS40 Light ActionSL-MS406sp Shimano SIS
Shimano SL-MS55SL-MS556sp Shimano SIS
Shimano SL-MT60, Deore MT60 SeriesSL-MT60Deore MT60 Series6sp Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano SL-MT62, Deore IISL-MT62Deore II7sp Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano SL-S434SL-S4346sp Shimano SIS; 7sp Shimano SIS; Friction
Shimano SL-SY20 , TourneySL-SY20Tourney6sp Shimano SIS; Friction; Retro-Friction
Regina America 1992America 19927sp Shimano SIS; 7sp Sachs-Huret ARIS; Friction
Rear Derailleurs
Shimano Deore XTRD-M737-SGSDeore XT M737Shimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Shimano Deore XTRD-M737-GSDeore XT M737Shimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Shimano Deore XTRD-M739 SGSDeore XT M739 SeriesShimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Shimano RD A415, RSX 8 speedRD A415RSXShimano SIS; Shimano STI
Shimano RD-1050, 105RD-1050105 1050 SeriesShimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Shimano RD-1051, 105RD-1051105 1050 SeriesShimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Shimano RD-1055, 105SCRD-1055105SCShimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Shimano RD-1056, 105SCRD-1056105SCShimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Shimano RD-1056-GS, 105SCRD-1056-GS105SCShimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Shimano RD-5000, SanteRD-5000SanteShimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Shimano RD-5001-LS, SanteRD-5001-LSSanteShimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Shimano RD-5500, 105 5500 SeriesRD-5500105 5500 SeriesShimano SIS; Shimano STI
Shimano RD-6208, 600EX (SIS)RD-6208600EXShimano SIS; Shimano STI
Shimano RD-6400, 600 UltegraRD-6400600 UltegraShimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Shimano RD-6401, 600 UltegraRD-6401600 UltegraShimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Shimano RD-A300, 300EXRD-A300Exage 300EXShimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Shimano RD-A350RD-A350Light ActionShimano SIS; Shimano STI
Shimano RD-A350, Exage ActionRD-A350Exage ActionShimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Shimano RD-A410 GS, RSXRD-A410 GSRSXShimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Shimano RD-A450, Exage SportRD-A450Exage SportShimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Shimano RD-A452, Sport LXRD A452Sport LXShimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Shimano RD-A500, Exage 500EXRD-A500Exage 500EXShimano SIS; Shimano STI
Shimano RD-A520, Exage MotionRD-A520Exage MotionShimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Shimano RD-A550, RX100RD-A550RX100Shimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Shimano RD-A551-GS, RX100RD-A551-GSRX100Shimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Shimano RD-C700, 700CXRD-C700700CXShimano SIS; Shimano STI
Shimano RD-L523, Light ActionRD-L523Light ActionShimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Shimano RD-L525, Light ActionRD-L525Light ActionShimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Shimano RD-L525, Light Action (long cage)RD-L525Light ActionShimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Shimano RD-L532, Light ActionRD-L532Light ActionShimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Shimano RD-L541 GS, Light ActionRD-L541 GSLight ActionShimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Shimano RD-M300 GS, Exage 300LXRD-M300 GSExage 300LXShimano SIS; Shimano STI
Shimano RD-M300 SGS, Exage 300LXRD-M300 SGSExage 300LXShimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Shimano RD-M452 SGS, mountain-LXRD-M452 SGSmountain-LXShimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Shimano RD-M531 Light Action SISRD-M531Light ActionShimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Shimano RD-M550 GS, Deore LXRD-M550 GSDeore LX M550 SeriesShimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Shimano RD-M550 SGS, Deore LXRD-M550 SGSDeore LX M550 SeriesShimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Shimano RD-M560, Deore LXRD-M560Deore LX M560 SeriesShimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Shimano RD-M650, Deore DX (SGS)RD-M650Deore DX M650 SeriesShimano SIS; Shimano STI
Shimano RD-M650, Deore DX (SS)RD-M650Deore DX M650 SeriesShimano SIS; Shimano STI
Shimano RD-M730, Deore XT M730RD-M730Deore XT M730Shimano SIS; Shimano STI
Shimano RD-M732, Deore XTRD-M732Deore XT M732 Shimano SIS; Shimano STI
Shimano RD-M735 SGS, Deore XTRD-M735Deore XT M735 SeriesShimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Shimano RD-M735 SS, Deore XTRD-M735Deore XT M735 SeriesShimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Shimano RD-M900, XTR M900RD-M900XTR M900Shimano SIS; Shimano STI
Shimano RD-MC12, AlivioRD-MC12AlivioShimano SIS; Shimano STI
Shimano RD-MC32, STXRD-MC32STXShimano SIS; Shimano STI
Shimano RD-MC38, STX-RCRD-MC38STX RCShimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Shimano RD-MT60, DeoreRD-MT60Deore MT60 SeriesShimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Shimano RD-MT62, Deore IIRD-MT62Deore IIShimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Shimano RD-Z503, Z-SeriesRD-Z503Z-SeriesShimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Shimano TourneyRD-TY20SSTourneyShimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Shimano Ultegra RD-6500, UltegraRD-6500UltegraShimano SIS; Shimano STI
Paul Components Powerglide (early version)PowerglideShimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Precision Billet ProShiftProShiftShimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Precision Billet ProShift (early version)ProShiftShimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction
Regina Strada 1992 (Sachs)Strada 1992Shimano SIS; Shimano STI; Friction; Sachs-Huret ARIS
Sunrace 515L515LShimano SIS; Shimano STI
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