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Gipiemme AzzurroGipiemmeAzzurroN/A
Gipiemme Crono SpecialGipiemmeCrono SpecialN/A
Gipiemme SprintGipiemmeDual SprintLate 1970's - Mid 1980's
Gipiemme Special (Strada)GipiemmeSpecial (Strada)Early 1980's - Mid 1980's
Brake Levers
Gipiemme (Modolo Speedy)Gipiemme Mid 1980's
Gipiemme aero leversGipiemme 1980's
Gipiemme AzzurraGipiemmeAzzurraAzzurra1970's - 1980's
Gipiemme AzzurroGipiemmeSB 704AzzurroMid 1980's - ?
Gipiemme BagarreGipiemmeBA 704BagarreLate 1980's - ?
Gipiemme Crono SpecialGipiemme700AACrono SpecialN/A
Gipiemme Crono Sprint (non-drilled)GipiemmeCrono Sprint1980's - ?
Gipiemme Crono Sprint 700CA / 700CCGipiemme700CA / 700CCCrono Sprint1980's - ?
Gipiemme SpecialGipiemmeSpecial (Strada)N/A
Gipiemme Crono Sprint White LaserGipiemmeWhite Laser1980's - ?
Gipiemme AzzurraGipiemmeAzzurraN/A
Gipiemme AzzurroGipiemmeSB 700Azzurro1980's - Late 1980's
Gipiemme BagarreGipiemmeBA 700BagarreLate 1980's - ?
Gipiemme Cronospecial (hex socket on centerbolt)GipiemmeCrono SpecialN/A
Gipiemme Cronospecial (nut on centerbolt)Gipiemme700AACrono Special1982 - 1984
Gipiemme Crono Sprint 700CCGipiemme700CCCrono Sprint1980's - ?
Gipiemme Special (acorn nuts)GipiemmeSpecial (Strada)1980's - ?
Gipiemme Special (hex bolts)GipiemmeSpecial (Strada)N/A
Gipiemme SprintGipiemmeSprintN/A
Gipiemme Crono Sprint White LaserGipiemmeWhite LaserLate 1980's - 1990's
Gipiemme Cronospecial chainring guardGipiemme N/A
Gipiemme Cronospecial PistaGipiemme N/A
Gipiemme Crono Special / Crono SprintGipiemmeCrono SpecialN/A
Gipiemme Crono Special / Crono Sprint TripleGipiemmeCrono Special1982 - 1984
Gipiemme Crono SprintGipiemmeCrono SprintLate 1970's - 1980's
Gipiemme Colnago (6-arm with signature & clubs)Gipiemme N/A
Gipiemme Colnago (6-arm with signature)Gipiemme N/A
Gipiemme ColroutGipiemmeColrout Late 1970's - Early 1980's
Gipiemme AzzurraGipiemmeAzzurraN/A
Gipiemme AzzurroGipiemmeAzzurroAzzurro1980's - ?
Gipiemme Crono Special (fully milled spider)GipiemmeCrono SpecialLate 1970's - Early 1980's
Gipiemme Crono Special 100 AAGipiemme100 AACrono Special1982 - ?
Gipiemme Crono Special (Pista)Gipiemme100 A1Crono Special Pista1982 - ?
Gipiemme Crono Sprint 100 CCGipiemme100 CCCrono Sprint1982 - ?
Gipiemme Crono Sprint 400BA, Bagarre BA 100Gipiemme400BA - BA 100Crono Sprint1982 - ?
Gipiemme Crono Sprint /EGipiemmeCrono Sprint /ECrono SprintN/A
Gipiemme Dual SprintGipiemmeDual Sprint1980's
Gipiemme Special 600101 (Pista)Gipiemme600101Special (Pista)Late 1970's - ?
Gipiemme Crono Special Mexico FinishGipiemmeSpecial (Strada)1980's
Gipiemme Special 600100 (Strada)Gipiemme600100Special (Strada)1978 - ?
Gipiemme Special 600100/M (Strada)Gipiemme600100/MSpecial (Strada)1979 - ?
Gipiemme Special Los Angeles 1984GipiemmeLos Angeles 1984Special (Strada)Mid 1980's
Gipiemme Special Triplo (Strada Triple)GipiemmeTriploSpecial (Strada)Late 1970's - 1980's
Gipiemme Crono Sprint White LaserGipiemmeWhite LaserLate 1980's - 1990's
Gipiemme Crono Special (906AS)Gipiemme906 ASCrono Special1982 - ?
Gipiemme Crono Special (907AS)Gipiemme907ASCrono Special1982 - ?

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