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Component NameBrandModelGroupYears 
3ttt Gran Prix Special3ttt Late 1960's - ?
3ttt (early model)3ttt 1960's - ?
3ttt 2002 Evol3ttt N/A
3ttt Campagnolo3ttt 1980's - ?
3ttt Chromix Corsa Plus (tig welded tubular steel)3ttt 1990's
3ttt Gran Prix Special (2nd version - variation)3ttt N/A
3ttt Gran Prix Special (2nd version)3ttt 1964 - ?
3ttt Mutant (1" Threadless)3ttt Early 1990's - ?
3ttt Podium3ttt Late 1980's - Mid 1990's
3ttt Pro Chrome ( tig welded )3ttt Early 1990's - Mid 1990's
3ttt Raid3ttt Mid 1980's - 1990's
3ttt Record AR3ttt 1980's - ?
3ttt Record Olympic3ttt 1984 - ?
3ttt Record Regolabile (adjustable version 1)3ttt 1970's
3ttt Record Regolabile (adjustable version 2 - Variation)3ttt N/A
3ttt Record Regolabile (adjustable version 2)3ttt N/A
3ttt Record Regolabile (adjustable version 3)3ttt N/A
3ttt Record Regolabile (adjustable version 4)3ttt 1970's
3ttt Record Regolabile (adjustable version 5)3ttt N/A
3ttt Status3ttt 1990's
3ttt Super Leggeri3ttt 1960's
3ttt Touriste3ttt N/A
3ttt Union3ttt Early 1980's - ?
3ttt Mod. 1 Record Strada (2nd version)3ttt1 Mid 1970's - Mid 1980's
3ttt Mod. 1 Record Strada (first version)3ttt1 1970's
3ttt Mod. 1 Record Strada (first version)3ttt1 1970's
3ttt (early Model 2)3ttt2 N/A
3ttt Mod. 2 (64 degree Pista)3ttt2 1970's - ?
3ttt (early Model 3; "TTT")3ttt3 N/A
3ttt Mod. 3 (58 degree Pista)3ttt3 1970's - ?
3ttt Record 84 (AR84 silver)3tttAR 84 Mid 1980's - Mid 1990's
3ttt Criterium3tttCriterium 1980's
3ttt Mutant3tttMutant Early 1990's - ?
3ttt Pro Titanium Ahead3tttPro Titanium Ahead Early 1990's - Late 1990's
Super - AkrontAkront 1970's - ?
Ambrosio (girder)Ambrosio N/A
Ambrosio (girder, vertical bolt)Ambrosio N/A
Ambrosio (XA style)Ambrosio Mid 1980's - Early 1990's
Ambrosio adjustableAmbrosio N/A
Ambrosio Campione del MondoAmbrosio N/A
Ambrosio F.A.T.Ambrosio Early 1940's - ?
Ambrosio 1939 (girder)Ambrosio1939 1939
Ambrosio ChampionAmbrosioChampion 1950's - 1960's
Ambrosio Gran-PrixAmbrosioGran-Prix Mid 1960's - ?
Ambrosio Record Assoluto VittorieAmbrosioRecord Assoluto Vittorie Early 1950's - ?
Ambrosio Super ChampionAmbrosioSuper Champion 1949 - ?
Ambrosio Super Lusso 1948AmbrosioSuper Lusso 1948 Late 1940's - ?
AraiArai N/A
AstrosAstros N/A
Astros (under slung)Astros Early 1960's - Late 1960's

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