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10 Newest Head Badges Added
Badge NameCountryAdded ByAdded On
Gianni Motta Headbadge (90's; Gara; lady)ItalyTombo06/26/2016 06:18 AM
Cycles OcañaTom70s06/23/2016 09:24 AM
Argenta ToursFranceTom70s06/23/2016 09:23 AM
Romani 1981 Reynolds 531ItalyTombo06/13/2016 04:19 PM
MediciUnited Statesqcpmsame05/07/2016 07:00 PM
Taurus HeadbadgeItalyrecikli05/04/2016 08:56 AM
Gateau International HeadbadgeFranceTom70s04/27/2016 08:20 AM
Cycles GitaneFranceTom70s04/27/2016 08:11 AM
Colner donnaItalyTombo03/20/2016 11:58 AM
Raleigh Head Badge from Dynatech Pro 2080EnglandeLBee03/13/2016 02:02 AM
10 Newest Head Badges Updated
Badge NameCountryUpdated ByUpdated On
Gianni Motta Headbadge (90's; Gara; lady)ItalyTombo06/26/2016 06:18 AM
MediciUnited Statesqcpmsame05/07/2016 07:00 PM
Taurus HeadbadgeItalyrecikli05/04/2016 08:56 AM
Colner donnaItalyTombo03/20/2016 11:58 AM
Raleigh Head Badge from Dynatech Pro 2080EnglandeLBee03/13/2016 02:02 AM
Grandis Head Badge from SLItalyTombo03/09/2016 12:51 AM
Cycles MessinaFranceTom70s03/02/2016 05:16 AM
Garlatti Bici Ragazzino 24"ItalyTombo02/25/2016 02:50 AM
Cycles DutrionFranceTom70s02/17/2016 04:03 AM
Haral HeadbadgeFranceTom70s02/02/2016 09:50 AM
10 Newest Frame Parts Added/Updated
Part NameCategoryUpdated ByUpdated On
Condor 531 ReynoldsFork CrownTom70s02/02/2016 10:05 AM
Campagnolo 1060 Corsa fork endsDrop Outs & Fork EndsMGTS01/18/2016 02:41 PM
Columbus Altec2 Plus Pro-Racing setTube SetsTom70s11/09/2015 05:24 AM
Columbus Altec2Tube SetsTom70s11/09/2015 05:06 AM
Hi-E CosmopolitanDrop Outs & Fork EndsThe Alterkakker11/05/2015 10:09 AM
SeefabTube Setsmarkp09/27/2015 04:32 AM
GeniusTube SetsTom70s08/27/2015 08:41 AM
Huret "Honeycomb"Drop Outs & Fork Endspeterbman08/20/2015 11:23 AM
raccord profiléLug Setwiel05/22/2015 02:37 AM
Durifort by Ateliers de la RiveTube SetsWolfram Verktyg11/30/2014 05:19 AM
10 Newest Parts Bin Items Added/Updated
Part NameCategoryAdded/Updated ByAdded/Updated On
Columbus DeltaTube SetsTom70s06/24/2016 02:17 AM
Columbus Gilco Profilo S4Tube Setsandreitapescu04/18/2016 06:40 AM
Peugeot "Allégé"Tube Setsdbroglin03/17/2016 07:28 AM
Columbus customTube Setsvintage-baz12/05/2015 08:49 AM
TTS BianchiTube SetseLBee08/28/2015 12:49 AM
TitaniumTube Setsfhaas05/15/2015 10:44 AM
Raleigh 20-30 SteelTube Setsdbroglin02/27/2015 04:01 AM
Columbus Cromor SLTube Setscolnagolover11/11/2014 12:06 PM
KevlarTube SetsBCBird09/10/2014 10:18 PM
Kevlar 2001Tube SetsBCBird09/10/2014 04:59 AM
10 Newest Brands Added/Updated
Brand NameCountryAdded/Updated ByAdded/Updated On
PesentiItalyTom70s06/24/2016 04:05 AM
OcañaTom70s06/23/2016 09:24 AM
ArgentaFranceTom70s06/23/2016 09:22 AM
ShimanoJapanTombo06/13/2016 04:16 PM
MediciUnited Statesqcpmsame05/28/2016 05:30 PM
Sakae/Ringyo (SR)JapanTombo05/13/2016 06:47 AM
CampagnoloItalyTombo05/04/2016 04:01 PM
TaurusItalyrecikli05/04/2016 08:47 AM
Gateau InternationalFranceTom70s04/27/2016 08:25 AM
VilligerSwitzerlandTombo04/25/2016 03:40 PM
10 Newest Frame & Head Badge Comments Added
Commented ItemUserAdded On
Medici Pro Strada (Late 1970's)qcpmsame05/19/2016 06:33 PM
The wheelset listed are the wheels I have on my personal bike, the factory offered wheels were Campagnolo Nuovo record hubs and Ambrosio rims. The tires are Continental Giro, 700X22, tubulars, the factory tires were Clement Silks.

The chain rings should be Super Record, and the brake calipers would be Nuovo Record, shown are Super Record. Brake levers are Victory and should be Nuovo Record. These items reflect what I was able to find for the build, at that time.
Columbus SLqcpmsame05/13/2016 07:01 AM
Is there a definitive timeline for the various Columbus tubing types anywhere? I cannot locate any site with the dates that the various tube types were introduced by Columbus Tubi spa.
Medici Pro Stradaqcpmsame05/10/2016 07:48 PM
Duplicate contribution, notified the admins to have this deleted.
Viner Special Professional 1978 (Late 1970's)misterlol04/20/2016 02:33 PM
Are you sure that this is a Professional? By your description it seems to be a Record frame (no star, no panto, but Columbus SL tubes and Falks fork and stays)
Mondia Superluxanderey04/03/2016 08:14 AM
Mondia is a Swiss Bycicle manufacturer and not a french one. On english I've only found a Wikipedia-Article about this subject, on German you find different articles on newspapers, because the company went broke 2012.
Gazelle Champion Mondial AB-Frame (Late 1980's)Bert Janssen03/28/2016 09:42 AM
I recently have bought a Gazelle Champion Mondial AB, fitted with a full Shimano 600 groupset, from the first owner (I even got the original store receipt). Framenumber indicates late 1986, bike was sold on 27th July 1988. Colour is ivory white with dark grey (like the one in the photo above which is white with blue).
Record T.I. Raleighdbroglin03/17/2016 09:13 AM
Hello Demetrio, Sorry for my laaaaaaate answer, I just discovered your comment... Unfortunately, I sold this bike a few months ago, I have to check if I got some more pictures on my HD. David
Concorde ColomboPedro02/04/2016 08:03 AM
According some informations about Concorde (including catalogs),the brand started their activities in 1982, and finished in 1993. All Concorde frames they were produced by Cinelli. And thanks to the post my friend!
Bertin C-1321989Pre02/02/2016 04:15 PM
What are the headtube and seattube angles on the 79'?
Frejus Headbadgedarthmuller01/26/2016 12:49 PM
To whomever might be of help I have a 1940s Frejus which is missing its headbadge. I reproduce my own head badges by a brass etching process. But I need three good angles of the 1940s era badge as I need to redraw it in a vector program. Can anyone help me with reference pictures please. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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