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Component NameBrandModelGroupYears 
AgratiAgrati N/A
AlesAles N/A
Avocet Model IIIAvocet 1983 - ?
Avocet Model IIAvocetModel IIModel II1982 - ?
Bador CompetitionBadorCompetition N/A
Bottecchia steelBottecchia N/A
Bottecchia Supercorsa, SuperLussoBottecchiaSupercorsaSuperLussoEarly 1930's - 1950's
Brampton - 1920's modelBrampton Early 1920's - Late 1920's
Brampton AlatetBramptonAlatet 1950's
Brampton Rewax No. 2BramptonRewax No. 2 N/A
BSABSA 1915 - 1925
Cambio Rino (record copy)Cambio Rino N/A
Campagnolo 1040/A, Gran SportCampagnolo1040/A(Nuovo) Gran Sport1973 - Mid 1980's
Campagnolo AthenaCampagnoloAthena1988 - Early 1990's
Campagnolo C-Record (Century Finish)CampagnoloC-RecordLate 1980's
Campagnolo 304/104, C-RecordCampagnolo304/104C-Record1985 - 1991
Campagnolo Q0D0, CentaurCampagnoloQ0D0Centaur1990
Campagnolo 704/101, ChorusCampagnolo704/101Chorus1988 - 1994
Campagnolo M0D0, EuclidCampagnoloM0D0Euclid1989 - 1991
Campagnolo 1039, Gran Sport / RecordCampagnolo1039Gran Sport1956 - 1960's
Campagnolo Contax, IcarusCampagnoloContaxIcarus1990's
Campagnolo MirageCampagnoloMirage1990's - ?
Campagnolo 1039, <C> Record StradaCampagnolo1039Nuovo RecordLate 1960's - Mid 1970's
Campagnolo 1039, Record StradaCampagnolo1039Nuovo RecordLate 1960's - Mid 1980's
Campagnolo HS-01RE, RecordCampagnoloHS-01RERecord1991 - ?
Campagnolo HS-01OR, RecordCampagnoloHS-01ORRecord OR1992 - 1994
Campagnolo Record Pista # 1040Campagnolo1040 Record PistaEarly 1970's - Late 1980's
Campagnolo 4141, Super Record PistaCampagnolo4141Record Pista1974 - 1984
Campagnolo 4041, Super RecordCampagnolo4041Super RecordMid 1970's - Late 1980's
Campagnolo TriompheCampagnoloTriomphe1984 - 1990
Campagnolo 404/000, VictoryCampagnolo404/000Victory1984 - ?
Campagnolo XenonCampagnoloXenon1990 - 1992
CascellaCascella N/A
Chater Lea Head clip TypeChater LeaHead clip Type 1930's
ChesiniChesini Late 1970's - ?
Chris King 1" threaded (standard)Chris King 1980's
Cinelli 1950'sCinelli 1950's - ?
Cobra Corsa Extra LeggeraCobra N/A
ColnagoColnago N/A
Cycle ProCycle Pro N/A
DeffDeff Mid 1960's - ?
Edco SportEdcoSport N/A
Edco 66387 CompetitionEdco66387CompetitionN/A
Edco 66390 CompetitionEdco66390CompetitionN/A
Edco 67952 Competition (90s model)Edco67952Competition1990's
Edco CompetitionEdcoCompetitionCompetition1980's
Edco Competition (early model)EdcoCompetitionCompetitionN/A
FavoritFavorit 1960's - 1980's
FiR La Nuova DimensioneFiRLa Nuova DimensioneN/A

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