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Component NameBrandModelGroupYears 
Agrati BSA typeAgratiBSA type 1930's - ?
Agrati Tipo BAgratiTipo B 1930's - ?
BSA Inch pitch chainringBSA 1920's - 1950's
BSA single chainringBSA 1900 - 1903
Cambio Rino (drilled, grooved & anodized chainrings)Cambio Rino N/A
Campagnolo chainring guard (BREV CAMPAGNOLO)Campagnolo N/A
Campagnolo chainring guard (PATENT CAMPAGNOLO indented)Campagnolo N/A
Campagnolo 50th Anniversary (Large)Campagnolo50th Anniversary1983 - ?
Campagnolo, BMXCampagnoloBMX1980's
Campagnolo 753 (for Record 1049 chainset)Campagnolo753RecordMid 1960's - 1980's
Campagnolo 753, Record (151mm BCD)Campagnolo753Record1960's
Campagnolo 759, Pista Skip Tooth chain ringCampagnolo759Record PistaN/A
Campagnolo 760, Record Pista (144 BCD)Campagnolo760Record PistaLate 1960's - 1980's
Campagnolo 760, Record Pista (151 BCD)Campagnolo760Record Pista1960's
Campagnolo 760/A, Super Record Pista (144 BCD) (First Gen)Campagnolo760/ARecord Pista1974 - 1977
Campagnolo 760/A, Super Record Pista (144 BCD) (Second Gen)Campagnolo760/ARecord Pista1978 - 1980's
Campagnolo Super Record chainring guard (PATENT CAMPAGNOLO)CampagnoloSuper RecordN/A
Campagnolo, Super RecordCampagnoloSuper RecordN/A
Campagnolo 753/A, Super Record RoadCampagnolo753/ASuper Record1970's - 1980's
Campagnolo Victory 116bcdCampagnoloVictory1984 - ?
CCM Inch Pitch ChainringCCM 1930's
Chater LeaChater Lea N/A
Chater Lea C LChater Lea N/A
Chater Lea C L inch pitchChater Lea N/A
Cyclo Dual Chainring SetCyclo 1970's
Cyclo Triple Chainring SetCyclo Early 1970's - Mid 1970's
Cyclo RosaCycloRosa N/A
Cyclo Gear Company double ring setCyclo Gear Company N/A
Durham EllipticalDurhamElliptical 1970's
Dürkopp 26 tooth chainringDürkopp 1930's - 1940's
EclairEclair N/A
Gian RobertGian Robert 1980's - 1990's
Gipiemme Cronospecial chainring guardGipiemme N/A
Gipiemme Cronospecial PistaGipiemme N/A
Gipiemme Crono Special / Crono SprintGipiemmeCrono SpecialN/A
Gipiemme Crono Special / Crono Sprint TripleGipiemmeCrono Special1982 - 1984
HermesseHermesse 1963
LiftelLiftel N/A
Magistroni Skip Tooth Arrow shapedMagistroniSkip Tooth Arrow shaped N/A
Mavic 144BCDMavic Mid 1980's - Late 1980's
Mavic SSC chain ring (inner)MavicSSC1990's
Mavic SSC chain ring (outer)MavicSSC1990's
Merz 42T TriplizerMerz N/A
Nervar chainring guardNervar N/A
Nervar chainring guardNervar N/A
Nervar chainring guardNervar N/A
PolchlopekPolchlopek Late 1970's - ?
Rudge-WhitworthRudge-Whitworth Early 1930's - Mid 1950's
Sakae/Ringyo (SR) chainring guardSakae/Ringyo (SR) N/A

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