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20 Newest Components AddedRSS
Item NameCategoryAdded On
Campagnolo RecordBottom Brackets05/23/2015 03:46 AM
Rota Super RecordBrakes05/22/2015 01:35 PM
Fournest EMAFBrakes05/22/2015 12:27 PM
Paturaud Paris-Sport toe clip strapsSmall Parts & Accessories05/21/2015 11:32 PM
Paturaud toe clip strapsSmall Parts & Accessories05/21/2015 11:17 PM
OlimpicBrakes05/21/2015 07:57 PM
OlimpicBrake Levers05/21/2015 07:50 PM
Simplex Juy 55Front Derailleurs05/21/2015 02:10 PM
Assmann Special A50Saddles05/21/2015 12:31 PM
Sova StopBrakes05/20/2015 04:11 PM
Sova SBrakes05/20/2015 04:02 PM
Everest Aeterna (blue)Chains05/19/2015 01:59 PM
Brampton CourseChains05/19/2015 01:36 PM
Balilla (Galli Giovanni) [Balilla in script; early version with 'BREVATTATO']Brakes05/17/2015 07:09 PM
Balilla (Galli Giovanni) [Balilla in script; short reach]Brakes05/17/2015 06:56 PM
Balilla (Galli Giovanni) [Balilla in script; earlier version]Brakes05/17/2015 06:48 PM
Balilla (Galli Giovanni) [Balilla in script; has quick release; later version]Brakes05/17/2015 06:44 PM
Bayliss-Wiley (high flange)Hubs05/17/2015 06:21 PM
Cyclo Gear Company Benelux Mark 7 (left side cable pull, type 2)Front Derailleurs05/16/2015 01:30 PM
Modolo Equipe (standard clamp)Stems05/15/2015 05:53 PM
20 Newest Components UpdatedRSS
Item NameCategoryLast Updated On
Campagnolo 1012/4, Gran SportRear Derailleurs05/23/2015 05:06 AM
Campagnolo 4001 Super Record (2nd gen. ver. 2)Rear Derailleurs05/23/2015 04:54 AM
Campagnolo ChorusBrake Levers05/23/2015 04:41 AM
Campagnolo 415/102, VictoryBrakes05/23/2015 04:37 AM
Campagnolo BR-02VL, VeloceBrakes05/23/2015 04:25 AM
Campagnolo (Nuovo) Gran SportBrakes05/23/2015 04:23 AM
Campagnolo D500, AthenaBrakes05/23/2015 04:21 AM
Campagnolo Record 1052/1 (1973-1977)Front Derailleurs05/23/2015 04:15 AM
Campagnolo AthenaFront Derailleurs05/23/2015 04:07 AM
Campagnolo 1006/G, Gran Sport (High Flange)Hubs05/23/2015 03:58 AM
Campagnolo RecordBottom Brackets05/23/2015 03:53 AM
Arius Gran Carrera SpecialSaddles05/23/2015 03:50 AM
3ttt Record AR (circa late 80's)Stems05/23/2015 03:45 AM
Paturaud toe clip straps (with slot for end loop)Small Parts & Accessories05/21/2015 11:28 PM
Paturaud toe clip strapsSmall Parts & Accessories05/21/2015 11:23 PM
LAM CourseBrake Levers05/21/2015 10:24 PM
MAFAC TandemBrake Levers05/21/2015 10:24 PM
MAFAC Guidonnet Forge 820Brake Levers05/21/2015 10:23 PM
MAFAC reverse lever (early version)Brake Levers05/21/2015 10:23 PM
MAFAC reverse leverBrake Levers05/21/2015 10:23 PM
10 Newest Brands Added/Updated
Brand NameCountryAdded/Updated ByAdded/Updated On
FournestFrancepeterbman05/22/2015 12:29 PM
AssmannAustriapeterbman05/21/2015 12:30 PM
BalillaItalypeterbman05/19/2015 01:22 PM
CTAFranceWalkman-man05/15/2015 03:46 PM
DupyFrancepeterbman05/05/2015 01:49 AM
CornezItalypeterbman04/29/2015 06:22 PM
DenisFrancepeterbman04/28/2015 07:48 PM
PhilcoEnglandpeterbman04/24/2015 11:25 AM
SofirFrancepeterbman04/18/2015 09:36 AM
Julien PrunierFrancepeterbman04/17/2015 11:06 PM
10 Newest Component Comments Added
Commented ItemUserAdded On
Campagnolo 1038/1, Record Pista (con denti)haddawad05/19/2015 01:10 PM
JohnyRiffle- How can I contact you about the pedals? Michael 917-497-5138
Cambio Rino fluted single bolt version 3Walkman-man05/19/2015 08:49 AM
Added a pic of a slight variant of this stem- this one doesn't have the painted flutes
Galli Sport roller bearingBill Kloos05/16/2015 01:01 PM
I have this same unit (English thread; no titanium parts) new from eBay,with a 115.4mm axle and total weight of 289g.
Modolo Equipe (two piece clamp)Walkman-man05/15/2015 06:17 PM
Alongside the recall situation (effecting a few of Modolo's stems, it seems) it appears that this particular model's design, incorporating a two piece clamp arrangement, was no longer in favour- seeing as they made a variant that had the standard (Modolo) type clamp. See the database entry for this.
GB Coureur 66 (springs anchored on calipers, no '66' on side of caliper)Walkman-man05/14/2015 07:07 AM
As well as the two above noted distinctions between this and the other Coureur 66 on the database, there is a third (smaller) one- this caliper has pivot bolts which look to be screwdriver adjustable. The other caliper has the bolts fixed in place (an essential part of its design), but this variant would seem to allow disassembly of the caliper to aid servicing (doesn't seem to be great as far as cosmetics are concerned though, as the bolt can travel too far forward and dent the outer face of the caliper, as can be seen in the above example!). Be interesting to know how long the model was in production for, as this would seem to have been one of GB's premium models, and they clearly thought it worthwhile persevering with per their taking the trouble to make a substantial variant of it.
SunTour Symmetric (two hole)TheGeneral05/11/2015 11:24 PM
These work with normal pull front derailleurs, not reverse pull (aka. saunter comp-V). Also i can confirm that the auto trim feature works in both the high range and the low range (aka. works both ways).
SunTour LD-1500 Power ShifterTheGeneral05/11/2015 11:21 PM
Clumsy ... a revolution at the time, yes.
SunTour LD-1600, CycloneTheGeneral05/11/2015 11:19 PM
Alright everyone, just wanted to chime in here to let everyone know that these shifters are actually pretty good. So they are slightly uncomfortable to use on your fingers. However, when installed you need to follow a simple process. First and foremost do not apply any lubrication to the friction discs, and there are two of them for each side. Installation. Install the band and the mounts for the screws into the aluminum units without any of the shifters or discs. Then keep the mount loose when adjusting it to the preferred angle on the bike frame. When the desired position is achieved you can tighten the screws on the side of the mounts. Use a pair of pliers that can space accordingly to tighten each side incrementally until they are tight. Try to rotate the unit on the frame with pressure to see if it budges. If it does not budge then the correct tension is achieved. After this step, assemble the unit as they came and adjust the tension to hold in gear. Remember they are aluminum parts and can double thread easy, so be gentle
Shimano HC-110 Large Flange hubchiemgauer0105/11/2015 01:00 PM
It is stamped:
" Shimanos Logo,
A H"
Shimano HC-110 Large Flange hubchiemgauer0105/11/2015 12:59 PM
I have a pair with 36h from Aug. 1976 (A H)

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