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20 Newest Components AddedRSS
Item NameCategoryAdded On
Sakae/Ringyo (SR) AleroCranksets11/22/2014 03:34 AM
Catos toe clipsSmall Parts & Accessories11/22/2014 12:44 AM
Constrictor CobraPedals11/22/2014 12:40 AM
Blumfield DuraliteHubs11/22/2014 12:29 AM
GenyaBrakes11/22/2014 12:21 AM
Berga TourismeBrakes11/22/2014 12:16 AM
Super-Inax (dual chain guides)Rear Derailleurs11/22/2014 12:13 AM
Gri-Gri CourseRear Derailleurs11/21/2014 07:25 PM
Bob ReedyPedals11/20/2014 05:23 PM
East Rochester Tool & DiePedals11/20/2014 05:20 PM
Super J.I.C CourseRear Derailleurs11/17/2014 06:43 PM
AlesHeadsets11/17/2014 06:30 PM
Huret (JPR)Seat Posts11/17/2014 06:24 PM
MistralBrake Levers11/17/2014 06:18 PM
Milremo (quilted, padded, springs)Saddles11/17/2014 01:58 PM
Milremo shift lever coversSmall Parts & Accessories11/17/2014 01:54 PM
Milremo (track cage)Pedals11/17/2014 01:36 PM
Middlemore B89N (third version)Saddles11/17/2014 01:29 PM
Freccia D'oro (brown)Saddles11/17/2014 11:41 AM
JPRSeat Posts11/17/2014 11:35 AM
20 Newest Components UpdatedRSS
Item NameCategoryLast Updated On
LOOK Competition PP75Pedals11/27/2014 09:50 PM
LOOK PP65Pedals11/27/2014 09:47 PM
Mavic 645 LSPedals11/27/2014 09:45 PM
Gipiemme Crono Special (fully milled spider)Cranksets11/25/2014 05:03 AM
Gipiemme Special (Pista)Pedals11/25/2014 04:58 AM
Galli Aerodynamic KLBrakes11/25/2014 04:33 AM
Shimano HD-7300, Dura-Ace AXHandlebars11/24/2014 11:15 PM
Pelissier 2000 Professional (high flange)Hubs11/24/2014 12:47 PM
Campagnolo TriompheHeadsets11/24/2014 11:52 AM
Sakae/Ringyo (SR) AleroCranksets11/23/2014 11:24 PM
KOB (platform)Pedals11/23/2014 08:01 AM
Campagnolo 704/101, ChorusHeadsets11/23/2014 07:57 AM
Campagnolo AthenaHeadsets11/23/2014 07:56 AM
Sachs Huret RivalRear Derailleurs11/23/2014 07:55 AM
Super-Inax (single chain guide)Rear Derailleurs11/22/2014 12:14 AM
Middlemore B89N (Third version)Saddles11/21/2014 02:33 PM
Stronglight 57 Super Competition TrackCranksets11/20/2014 04:41 PM
Brooks B5NSaddles11/19/2014 09:42 PM
Selle San Marco RollsSaddles11/18/2014 01:51 AM
Super J.I.C CourseRear Derailleurs11/17/2014 06:53 PM
10 Newest Brands Added/Updated
Brand NameCountryAdded/Updated ByAdded/Updated On
CatosEnglandpeterbman11/22/2014 12:43 AM
BlumfieldEnglandpeterbman11/22/2014 12:27 AM
GenyaFrancepeterbman11/22/2014 12:21 AM
BergaFrancepeterbman11/22/2014 12:15 AM
Gri-GriFrancepeterbman11/21/2014 07:24 PM
Bob ReedyUnited Statespeterbman11/20/2014 05:23 PM
East Rochester Tool & DieUnited Statespeterbman11/20/2014 05:20 PM
AlesItalypeterbman11/17/2014 06:29 PM
MistralFrancepeterbman11/17/2014 06:17 PM
Shock StopEnglandpeterbman11/14/2014 02:26 PM
10 Newest Component Comments Added
Commented ItemUserAdded On
Ambrosio Excellence Team Editionseghezzibrian@libero.it11/27/2014 05:46 AM
Ciao sapreste dirmi dove trovare questo cerchio?
Middlemore B89N (third version)recycle111/26/2014 03:53 PM
This is actually the first version. After this they cut costs on materials for the second version, without turning it into a bad saddle. The leather top was made narrower, the chromed rails and cantle became plain metal, the bag loops were shortened and the loop inserts omitted, the black painted nosepiece components were left plain metal and the rear badge became plastic. For the third type the bag loops were part of the cantle rather than pieces that had to be welded on and the top logo of pegasus on a globe was changed to just B89N in a circle, cheaper if they were replacing worn stamping dies. Also the liner was changed from the leather-like ones of type 1&2 to a plastic liner.
SunTour Alpha (6sp)jojon11/26/2014 02:53 PM
There are 5 speed index- Alpha rear derailers, but i never saw an 5 speed accushift.
SunTour New Winner 6sp Ultrajojon11/26/2014 01:52 PM
Exist also with french (metric) threading.
Campagnolo Croce d' Aunedanitool11/25/2014 07:11 AM
I have one of this, it's for French threads 35x1. Add it to the availabre threads info.
Pelissier 2000 Professional (high flange)fightfooter11/24/2014 12:48 PM
Weight of a 36h, 'Pelissier 2000 Professionel' labeled, rear hub is 211 gr. w/o quick release.
Pelissier 2000 Professional (high flange)fightfooter11/24/2014 04:18 AM
Weight of a 36h, 'Pelissier 2000 Professionel' labeled, front hub is 157 gr. w/o quick release and 228 gr. with original quick release.
Pelissier 2000 Professional (high flange)fightfooter11/24/2014 04:11 AM
Could you change the typo of the model from 'Professional' to 'Professionel' like the Hub is named on the decal?
SunTour Vx S, RD-2500guitarpete24711/23/2014 03:10 PM
I've got one of these and love it. Bought it used off eBay and seen several for sale over the years.
SunTour CB-3600, Superbe Pro Short Reachrayms11/21/2014 08:02 PM
So what made up the CB-2000 and CB-3000 set? CB-2000= 39-49 reach CB-3600 calipers and without slots in levers? CB-3000= 39-49 reach CB-3600 reach and CB-3200 slotted levers?

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