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20 Newest Components AddedRSS
Item NameCategoryAdded On
BSA Racer Rat TrapPedals10/21/2016 12:47 AM
Torevess Grand LuxeHeadsets10/20/2016 08:48 PM
Torevess CourseHeadsets10/20/2016 07:41 PM
GB Sport MK2Brakes10/20/2016 07:40 AM
Simplex Juy 53BFront Derailleurs10/20/2016 12:23 AM
Lyotard Faucheux (point on inside end of cage, not both ends)Pedals10/18/2016 04:39 PM
Lyotard Faucheux (points on both ends of cage)Pedals10/18/2016 04:35 PM
Lepper 145Saddles10/18/2016 12:24 AM
3ttt Record Regolabile (adjustable version 3)Stems10/17/2016 11:01 PM
3ttt Record Regolabile (adjustable version 5)Stems10/17/2016 10:59 PM
PMP Pedalafuturo (shorter straight non-taper crankarm flutes; silver anodized spider)Cranksets10/17/2016 07:12 PM
Cobra Chainring BoltsSmall Parts & Accessories10/17/2016 04:47 AM
Huret Luxe TouringRear Derailleurs10/16/2016 06:04 PM
Huret Super AllvitRear Derailleurs10/16/2016 05:49 PM
Huret Jubilee (long pulley cage)Rear Derailleurs10/16/2016 05:29 PM
Huret Duopar (titanium)Rear Derailleurs10/16/2016 05:08 PM
Fairylites reflectorSmall Parts & Accessories10/14/2016 06:29 AM
Raleigh mudguardSmall Parts & Accessories10/14/2016 05:56 AM
Huret (lever operated; open cage)Front Derailleurs10/08/2016 06:25 AM
Campagnolo 627 Cable Tunnel (open tube)Small Parts & Accessories09/30/2016 07:58 AM
20 Newest Components UpdatedRSS
Item NameCategoryLast Updated On
Ofmega CXPedals10/21/2016 03:59 PM
BSA Rat TrapPedals10/21/2016 03:40 PM
BSA Lightweight Rat TrapPedals10/21/2016 03:36 PM
BSA Racer Rat TrapPedals10/21/2016 03:35 PM
Torevess CourseHeadsets10/20/2016 09:02 PM
VerotHeadsets10/20/2016 07:59 PM
Super Champion Arc en Ciel No. 301Rims10/20/2016 10:27 AM
GB Sport MK2Brakes10/20/2016 08:42 AM
Simplex Randonneur 22D (earlier version)Front Derailleurs10/20/2016 12:41 AM
Simplex Juy 53Front Derailleurs10/20/2016 12:15 AM
Sachs Huret DuoPar (titanium)Rear Derailleurs10/19/2016 12:07 PM
Lyotard Faucheux (points on both ends of cage)Pedals10/18/2016 04:38 PM
Lyotard 15SPedals10/18/2016 04:23 PM
Stronglight S5 Super CompetitionHeadsets10/18/2016 03:57 PM
Stronglight S7 Super CompetitionHeadsets10/18/2016 03:56 PM
3ttt Super LeggeriStems10/17/2016 11:24 PM
3ttt StatusStems10/17/2016 11:23 PM
3ttt Record ARStems10/17/2016 11:23 PM
3ttt Record 84Stems10/17/2016 11:23 PM
3ttt Record OlympicStems10/17/2016 11:22 PM
10 Newest Brands Added/Updated
Brand NameCountryAdded/Updated ByAdded/Updated On
TorevessFrancepeterbman10/20/2016 08:55 PM
VerotFrancepeterbman10/20/2016 08:01 PM
FairylitesWalkman-man10/14/2016 06:28 AM
SimplexFrancecinco10/03/2016 04:50 AM
Mari & MainardiItalypeterbman09/24/2016 05:56 PM
FERGermanyWalkman-man09/22/2016 09:47 AM
LandarWalkman-man09/22/2016 09:45 AM
S. J. Clark (cables) LtdEnglandWalkman-man09/22/2016 09:36 AM
Grab OnWalkman-man09/21/2016 07:33 PM
ConexWalkman-man09/21/2016 07:10 PM
10 Newest Component Comments Added
Commented ItemUserAdded On
CLB (aero)Bert Janssen10/20/2016 12:42 PM
At least from early 80's; I have a 1982 Peugeot PH12 in original condition, with CLB aero brake levers.
Selle Italia Turborayms10/17/2016 07:23 PM
When did the different colors come out? Especially the blue one with the yellow stripes?
Campagnolo 305/501, C-Recordblissfieldslim10/16/2016 06:43 PM
The other distinguishing factor that sets the Corsa Record pedals apart from others of this era is that the rear plate came be replaced and is attached by a set of 4 screws.
FB Pista (high flange)VeloFello5410/15/2016 01:21 PM
The hubs were available much earlier that the stated date. I have a pair which date from 1949
Super Champion RecordVeloFello5410/15/2016 01:16 PM
I have recently acquired a pair of these rims laced to Bayliss Wiley hubs that date from ca. 1950. Drillings are 40/32. They have the original decals which state 'Deposee Brevete' meaning that Super Champion filed a patent for the design which presumably must be for the way the spoke nipples are supported. The spoke nipples locate on tiny inverted steel 'cups' in a similar manner to the Constrictor tub rims which use a fibre washer and small alloy cup (not inverted)
Cyclo Gear Company Benelux (1950 version)VeloFello5410/15/2016 12:45 PM
According to an article in 'Cycling' April 6 1950 under 'Trade News', this derailleur was originally released by Cyclo Gear Co in 1949. The test was for a 5 speed mech with the new design dropout locking bolt that allows for the mech to swing clear to allow easy wheel removal.
Shimano BR-Z57, 105 Golden Arrowcharliebuzz10/13/2016 04:50 PM
I'm guessing the Z-57 without the golden arrow matches the Z series components.
Phillips ApolloVeloFello5410/13/2016 02:03 PM
I have a pair of these and they are identical to a another pair that I have which were original equipment on a Holdsworth Hurricane from about 1959. The pedals on the Holdsworth are marked Brampton in the same location as Phillips. I suspect that Phillips made these for Brampton.
SunTour Superberayms10/11/2016 05:47 PM
Rear spacing of 130mm? Didn't that come out in 1990 with 8 speed?
Mavic MA 2 (Red/Green Label)blacksand.aotearoa10/11/2016 04:02 AM
Mine (622, 36H, MA2 "Argent") weigh in at 425 gm

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