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Country:GermanyPrimary Focus:Bicycle Frames
Years of Operation:1940's - 1970's
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Toni REDL (25. Feb. 1901 - 1972) ... a vanished Munich legend.

Anton - nickname “Toni” - Redl was a pretty famous and highly respected framebuilder in and around Munich, Bavaria.
He had been a professional in cycling before the war and head of workshop of the old-established (& at that time "number one") Munich bike dealer “Radsport Altmann”.
After the World War II Toni Redl senior started to build his own frames and to design customized frames for semi- and full-professionals; as well as for the Munich high society.

Although Redl was a German framebuilder, he loved to combine English, French and Italian parts and components - so he built a lot of his frames with Nervex Professional lugs, 531 tubes from Reynolds and with Campa dropouts (the long 1010er with eyelets). Btw: He also was known your using sometimes pretty uncoventionell geometries for his frames...

When Toni Redl sen. died in 1972, his son Anton Redl junior, who was his student all the years, took over the father’s business.
It’s not verified and pointless to discuss, if it had been the costs, the new fashions and trends or the upcoming desire for beautiful Italian bikes...even the “Handmade”, “Made in Bavaria” and “Genuine Toni Redl” stickers couldn’t prevent Anton Redl junior from being forced to close his business only some years later.
Anton Redl junior died in 2013.

Today there are only a few Redl bikes left. But they are still what a Redl bike is: a pretty unique and very Bavarian by a Munich legend. :-)   

[Regards, Tombo from Muc]   

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