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General Information
 The best of the Simplex lines of components.  Consisted primarily of Front and Rear Derailleurs as well as Shifters.  The SLJ designation was also given to other parts occasionally such as seat posts.
Front DerailleursSimplex Super LJN/A10/21/07
Front DerailleursSimplex Super LJ (2nd version? with front control arm)Mid 1970's - ?07/30/09
Front DerailleursSimplex Super LJ (2nd version? with rear control arm)Late 1970's - ?07/30/09
Front DerailleursSimplex Super LJ 503 (triple; first version)N/A11/28/07
Front DerailleursSimplex Super LJ 523 (triple)Mid 1980's12/17/07
Front DerailleursSimplex Super LJ 523 (triple; second version)Early 1980's11/21/07
Front DerailleursSimplex Super LJ A 522Mid 1980's11/04/07
Front DerailleursSimplex Super LJ A500 AV.3261973 - ?11/30/07
Rear DerailleursSimplex SLJ SX660, Super LJN/A10/13/17
Rear DerailleursSimplex SLJ50001971 - 197808/03/07
Rear DerailleursSimplex SLJ5500 (version 1)1979 - 198407/06/07
Rear DerailleursSimplex SLJ5500 GT (version 2)1985 - 199011/27/07
Rear DerailleursSimplex SLJ60001975 - 198112/01/09
Rear DerailleursSimplex SLJ6600 GT (long cage)1980's12/06/07
Rear DerailleursSimplex SLJ6600 T (version 1)1981 - 198310/21/07
Seat PostsSimplex (blue label), SLJN/A02/04/08
Seat PostsSimplex Ref. TS3640 (black & gold badge), SLJLate 1960's - 1970's02/06/08
Seat PostsSimplex SLJ 6164N/A11/12/09
ShiftersSimplex SLJ (1st type, double)1972 - 197303/14/18
ShiftersSimplex SLJ (1st type, double, gold anodized)1972 - 197303/14/18
ShiftersSimplex SLJ (1st type, single)1972 - 197303/13/18
ShiftersSimplex SLJ (2nd type with nub on bottom of barrel, double)1973 - 198111/10/07
ShiftersSimplex SLJ (2nd type with nub on bottom of barrel, double, gold anodized)1973 - 198103/14/18
ShiftersSimplex SLJ (2nd type with nub on bottom of barrel, single)1973 - 198107/24/08
ShiftersSimplex SLJ (3rd type, S logo on band)1981 - 198307/31/07
ShiftersSimplex SLJ (4th type)1984 - 198503/13/18
ShiftersSimplex SLJ (4th type, black anodized)1981 - 198311/24/10
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